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Best Books for Church Communicators

C.S Lewis, the well known Christian author, and theologian once said, “We read to know we are not alone.” Whether you’ve been in the world of church communications for years, or you are just starting your first job, it’s so important as a church communicator to know that you’re not alone. The job is big, the tasks are many, and the work is hard, but it is such an exciting and purposeful role to play in the life of your church. One of the best ways to gain understanding, expand your perspective, and find encouragement is to read inspirational books for church communicators.


How to Get the Most Out Of Church Conferences

Church conferences have the power to inspire and motivate members of your church staff. There’s just something about gathering together with people in similar roles with similar beliefs with the intention of growing, connecting, and becoming a more effective worker for the Kingdom.




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