Author: Luke Marzano

Why Authentic Leadership Matters with Pastor Chris DiVietro

In this episode, Pastor Christopher DiVietro of Reading, Pennsylvania, discusses why authentic leadership (using clear, transparent, communication) is critical for a ministry leader’s growth as well as the growth of friends, family, and community.

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When Faith Lights the Way: A Discussion with Steve Vincent

During this episode, we speak with Steve Vincent, author of When Faith Lights the Way. Steve is a successful businessman whose first career spanned thirty-four years in the electric utility industry. In his second career, his efforts have been redirected to provide state of the art electric systems to improve the health and education to the neediest people in the world.

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The Value of Intergenerational Ministry with Rev. Michael York

In this episode, we speak with Rev. Michael York, one of the pastors of First Presbyterian Church in Vero Beach, Florida. He has also served churches in the suburbs of Atlanta and in small town South Carolina, including weekly total attendances of 250, 700, and over 1,000 members.

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Self-care As the First Line of Defense Against Burnout With Dr. Yarborough

In the first episode, we sit down with Dr. Andy Yarborough, pastor, and psychologist, and discuss self-care and ministry burnout. Andy and his wife Melody founded The Well Clinic in 2015 after seeing the growing need for emotional health care in their community and in the lives of church leaders. Dr. Yarborough helps us look for symptoms of burnout and educates us on how self-care can combat the stresses of ministry leadership.

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