Twitter’s Popular Hashtags for Ministry and Churches

Kent Shaffer —  July 22, 2011

As Twitter has risen in popularity, so has its use among ministers to discuss ministry ideas, dogmas, and methodologies. Each ministry niche centers around a Twitter hashtag.

By definition, a hashtag is when the # symbol is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

But before you can join in the discussion, you first need to figure out what are Twitter’s popular hashtags for ministry and churches. Here are some common ministry hashtags:

Children’s Ministry: #cmconnect // #kidmin

RT @jeffmcclung: Ministry doesn’t just happen in a office. It happens where people are. #kidmin #fammin #stumin #cmconnect

It all goes back to teaching the Word in a way that children can grasp & start being doers of the Word now. – @jimwideman #theClub #kidmin

Church: #church // #churches

Ministry Dream Team Attributes: Character (who we are), Knowledge (what we know), & Skills (what a person is able to do). #Church #Ministry

In the USA, there are approximately 400,000 #churches and 6,000 first-run theaters. Which do you think affects our #culture more?

College Ministry: #collegemin // #umin

#collegemin RT @chronicle Community college students who take online courses more likely to drop out new study finds

It’s earning season in the business world. What would your earnings look like in ministry? #thinkorange #stumin #umin

Creative Arts: #churchmedia // #crtvmin

FREE colorful background loops at #worshiploopwednesday #churchmedia

Don’t make announcements, tell stories. Very few respond to announcements but stories connect with everyone. #crtvmin

Family Ministry: #fammin

The more designer our lives, the more generic our kids seem to be!! #kidmin #stumin #fammin

Ministry: #ministry

“A life of prayer is the connective tissue between holy day proclamation and weekday discipleship.” – Eugene Peterson on #ministry #fb

Missions: #missions

Hands-on missions projects for children. Click link for a list of missionaries & their wish lists. #kidmin #missions

Pastoral: #pastor // #pastors

#PASTOR you spend so much time encouraging ur flock & destroy urself in the office thinking “how bad u did”… Get free of that devil!

Unless #God moves in my heart, He will never get the best of my time, talent, and wallet. And I’ll never get the best of Him. #Pastors

Special Needs Ministry: #spnmin

Celebrate when your church ministers to families affected by disability but don’t turn them into mascot stories #SpNMin #kidmin

Technology: #churchtech // #citrt

Government shutting down hundreds of data centers via @cnet #churchtech #citrt #digitaldisciples

Server rack temps much more even after rack relocation & we’ve added no cooling into the space #citrt

Worship: #worship // #sundaysetlist

Abba doesn’t care about sound systems, lighting, or instruments. He cares about your heart. #worship #fb

I get to lead tmrw. Lord reign in me, We are Saved (new), Lord I give u my heart, Joy will come #Sundaysetlist

Youth Ministry: #stumin // #uthmin // #youthmin // #youthministry

“Average” should never describe your ministry or what happens in it. #stumin #aylacog #ayla11

“Quick to listen. Slow to speak.” (James 1:19). How would this verse applied change #uthmin? Please wade in! #stumin #uthdoingmin

Parenting tip #46: Encourage compassion over competition, especially between siblings. #parenting #kidmin #youthmin #familymin

Realizing more and more how we model the kind of people our children and students will become #youthministry

What ministry hashtags do you use that aren’t mentioned?

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11 responses to Twitter’s Popular Hashtags for Ministry and Churches

  1. we try to do a daily #Bible #Trivia question on our twitter account – have picked up a lot of followers to these two tags

  2. For those building around the conversation of mobile tech and faith there is #mobmin.

  3. We try to hash tag #smallgroups as much as possible

  4. I’ve seen quite a bit of #grouplife used for small group ministry as well.


  5. We use #ieway for anything connected with web or digital evangelism and #mobmin for anything relating to mobile phone/device ministry.



  6. Lots of worship leaders use #worshipset to post their setlists.

  7. YAY for the inclusion of #spnmin here! A few of us in special needs ministry land only made that one up a few months ago. Such a great need in the church, and I’m glad it’s highlighted here.

    ~Shannon (or @specialneedsmin)
    Access Ministry coordinator at Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC

  8. You might want to add #chsocm (church social media). In its 3rd week, it’s already proving to be a popular ecumenical chat on Tuesday nights at 9:00PM (EDT). Folks are also using the hashtag to flag content and conversation about church social media. For more information about the chat and transcripts of completed chats, go to: #PBWY

  9. Great post here Kent, love all the hashtags!

    What does #citrt stand for?

  10. @Becky

    CITRT stands for Church IT Round Table. See:

  11. Thanks for the post. I’m sure there are a lot of people that you could contact through this that would be interested in being sponsors of different churches. That sounds like a great opportunity.