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    So what was your main criteria for selecting these? Just design/layout mostly?

    It is pretty amazing to see how far design has come. Church site really do fall into their own categories.

    Hey, noticed that you seem to turn off comments on older posts… figured it out when I went to comment on an older one. Is there a reason for that?

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    WOW! There are some great sites there Kent! I have shared with our own designedtfor inspiration.
    The site was overhauled and relaunched last year and has since been getting huge hits and downloads. Probably ranks it as one of the most effective church websites in Australia?

  3. Del says

    Very Inspirational. Thanks for the work you did in putting this list together.

    As a web developer who worked on the development side of (the actual site design was done in-house at James River) – it would be cool to see behind the scenes on some of these other sites. I’d love to see some of the internals, the things that make a site beautiful on the inside – SEO (is the site pulling in lots of free traffic especially traffic from outside the church community) , technology used, load time considerations, usability, speed to market, etc. It would also be cool to see case studies on sites like with their video testimonies right on the home page, and their use of Facebook and with their responsive design and the “Jesus” link right in the main nav (I love this).

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    Thanks for including one of my sites in this list. Pretty cool to get emails from friends all over the country with a link to your blog.