Top Church Blogs of Fall 2010

Kent Shaffer —  September 30, 2010

My list of the Top 100 Church Blogs has been updated for fall 2010.

This is the 4th edition of the list, and it has been interesting to watch it evolve. Each update adds new blogs that have recommended or discovered. And each update has some surprise ranking shifts as various blogs change their url, change their RSS link, or even lose Google PageRank. This fall 2010 edition saw a considerable number of blogs lose Google PageRank since the spring 2010 update (I’m not sure why).

As I’ve said before, the list is far from perfect. I try to pick metrics that are stable, high in integrity, and difficult to artificially inflate. But even still, the list is flawed.

Don’t get too hung up on the psychology of rankings. I encourage you to use this list as a resource to scientifically see what others find worth reading.

The Top 100 Church Blogs list is a great starting point to find great church blogs to read. But also be sure you look elsewhere for good blogs to read. Personally, some of my favorite church blogs do not make the rankings.

For Discussion:
>> What blogs not on the list do you recommend checking out for the next update?
>> Should the Top 100 Church Blogs list be an annual fall update or a twice a year spring and fall update? Currently, it updates twice a year.

Kent Shaffer

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3 responses to Top Church Blogs of Fall 2010

  1. Kent I really appreciate the links to blogs you like. Finding fresh sources of info is hard to come by sometimes. One thing that would totally make this post amazing would be an export of these bookmarks as a downloadable file so I could save them for a later time when I can go through each one.

  2. Kingdom Living fell out of the ranks but I am not sure how since it seems comparable to those in the 90s. Also, have you considered Jay Guin does a fantastic job and has a ton of readers.

  3. @Matt

    Kingdom Living is #143 this fall 2010. :( is #147 this fall 2010. :(