Top 200 Ministry Blogs of Fall 2012

Kent Shaffer —  September 19, 2012

It’s that time of year again! The fall edition of the top 200 ministry blogs comes with some notable changes.

  • 20 blogs made the list for the first time.
  • 5 of those first-time blogs are one-author blogs written by women.
  • 7 blogs from spring 2012′s list discontinued or stopped updating including #3 USA Today’s Faith & Reason blog (discontinued), #28’s Swerve blog (no updates since January), and #36 Steven Furtick’s blog (discontinued).
  • We replaced the metric of total inlinks with homepage authority and root domain links. Root domains give us a snapshot of the scope of buzz a blog receives from other websites. Where homepage authority shows us the buzz intensity by measuring total inlinks, root domains, Facebook likes & shares, tweets, and Google +1s.
  • In other words, for everyone who has pleaded for social media stats, you now have that included in the homepage authority metric.
  • has 21 blogs, has 8 blogs, has 6 blogs, and has 1 blog included in the list. These 36 blogs have an unfair advantage because they receive the Alexa rank for the entire site and Compete rank for the entire site or at least the entire subdomain used for blogs.
  • An honorable mention goes to Ev’ry Day I’m Pastorin’ which didn’t rank but earns my seal of approval.

Visit the top 200 ministry blogs list to learn more and to discover some new gems worth adding to your daily reads.

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I live in an RV with my wife and 2 kids and work with to help Christians collaborate and build a global Church library of free, open content.

7 responses to Top 200 Ministry Blogs of Fall 2012

  1. Just a heads up to gather data on A Deeper Story’s new Church channel. It just launched September 1, and is definitely one to watch.

  2. Thanks for putting this together again this year.

  3. Hi – I couldn’t find a contact page, so I hope you don’t mind my query here. My blog is listed at number 192, largely because your site displays a Compete figure of zero for it.

    How do you get the figures you use? Is it automated? I only ask because I had never heard of compete before, so I went and checked it out (, and zero doesn’t quite look right.


  4. Thanks for putting this list together Kent and for taking the time to explain your criteria. I’m sure you hear complaints and stuff, so I appreciate your feedback in response to readers.

    I just wanted to add a quick clarification that while I host guest bloggers on Fridays, I’m the sole author of my blog. No biggie for me, but just wanted to mention it.

  5. @Glenn
    Since Compete shows no history for your August stats, we mark it as a 0. It may seem unfair, but we have to work objectively with what metrics we have.

    I made a note of your sole authorship for the next update.

  6. Thank you for this list. I’m curious as to whether there is any SEO aspect to this.. that is, which blogs offer the best backlink to you. I guess that might be related to the PR for each.

  7. @Dr Don
    Google Pagerank as well as SEOmoz’s Page Authority both factor in the SEO qualities of a blog and consequently the scope of their reach within search results.