Top 100 Church Blogs

Top 100 Church BlogsLooking for more great church blogs to read?

My list of top church blogs has been updated and expanded from 60 blogs to 100 blogs. It is still likely missing some eligible church blogs, so please tell me in the comments which blogs you think would make the list.

Check them out. Subscribe. And enjoy the free wealth of knowledge.


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    Good list, some great reads on there. Actually, kind of surprised we weren’t on there…guess I have some work to do.

    We just had an interesting conversation about ranking at another blog I post at and would be interested to see the effects of RSS readers, twitter, etc. has on them.

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    The list would be slightly more useful if you listed the blog author along with the blog. (But I realize many of them have substitute bloggers when the main blogger is away which makes this somewhat more difficult). Thanks! A great list and a lot of work to put it together. Thanks.

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    Please consider my site for your rankings. Here are some stats —

    Google Pagerank = 3
    Google backlink = 102
    Google indexed = 711
    Alexa popularity = 399394
    Alexa backlink = 57
    Yahoo inlink = 9556
    Yahoo indexed = 4575
    AllTheWeb result = 4,250
    Altavista result = 4,280

    You should also consider Matt Dabbs’ blog Kingdom Living.

    Google Pagerank = 5
    Google backlink = 291
    Google indexed = 1,200
    Alexa popularity = 374771
    Alexa backlink = 75
    Yahoo inlink = 22483
    Yahoo indexed = 1827
    AllTheWeb result = 6,750
    Altavista result = 6,780
    Technorati rank = 309956
    Technorati inblogs(authority) = 11

    By the way, I’m an avid reader of Church Relevance. Keep up the good work.

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    Para-Church doesn’t count?
    Calvary Chapel doesn’t “sponsor” Ministry sites, so all of them are “para-church” ministries.
    Frankly I am surprised John MacArthur didn’t make the grade but, then again, narrow the road is, after all.
    Just because a site has a lot of hits doesn’t mean, in the slightest, they are the best expositor, the most Biblical, the most God honoring (in order of increasing importance).
    Noah had the smallest congregation around…

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    The label “church” is used very loosely. Any blog that is church, ministry, parachurch, or theology related is considered.

    Send me the urls you think should be on it.

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    Thanks for this list…very helpful. I have spent the past few days going to these sites trying to learn from the best. Thanks for your help.

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    @patrick – good point! How would you rank the top 10 Christian bloggers in order of best expositor, most biblical? (obviously this is subjective and cannot be created from a collection of stats – but what’s your opinion?)

    For the record – I don’t think Kent is implying that most hits = “best expositor, most biblical.” In fact this list is not even about that. Nor do I think it should be. Should he rank his friends from most to least godly?

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    You might see how my children’s ministry blog compares for the next edition. My non-techie audience is way under rated via google reader b/c they all get the blog by email.

    Great list. Thanks for putting all the work into this.