The Presence of Guns :: MK Ministry Lesson 6 of 8

I spent part of my childhood as a missionary’s kid in Lima, Peru. Two weeks before we moved to Peru, the leader of the Shining Path terrorists was captured. His capture made Peru significantly safer.

Because of terrorism, Lima was a place where a bank security guard might carry a grenade and where grocery security guards routinely checked cars in the parking lot for bombs. Overall, I found Lima to be quite safe. Legal gun ownership was restricted to specific people, such as police, military, security, and diplomats. But despite my sense of security, terrorism still occurred.

In fact, a few blocks from our house, a school was bombed. The blast rattled our windows. But our street was always safe. One reason is we prayed for God’s protection. And another reason is we had gunmen protecting both ends our street. One corner had two private security guards protecting our landlord’s house with semi-automatic pistols. The other corner had a military jeep with several soldiers carrying submachine guns.

Needless to say, our street had no crime. No terrorism. The presence of guns helped make our street safe.

The presence of church security helps deter troublemakers.

Church security guards make potential troublemakers think twice about doing wrong, particularly misdemeanors like vandalism or petty theft. I also believe the presence of guns and church security can deter potential church shooters.

Sadly, we know even with armed church security that church shootings can still happen. Such was the case at New Life Church (Colorado Springs, CO) when a church shooter killed two and injured three in the church parking lot before he entered the church building where he was finally shot and stopped by an armed church security guard. The security guard had been praying and fasting beforehand.

Just in the past two weeks, three church shootings have occurred in California, Delaware, and Jamaica. Without question, it is important that we pray for God’s protection and fully put our trust in Him. But many churches also consider it important and good stewardship to have a church security presence. In fact, one church goes as far as sending their security team to The Defensive Shooting Academy for police and military quality training.

For Discussion:
- Do you think church security is a good idea or bad idea and why?
– If you already have church security, what are your best tips for keeping church safe?

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