The Importance of Church Security :: Keeping Kids and Youth Safe

If your church does not have an employed or volunteer security team, get one. The world can be an ugly place. Consider the following statistics from Family Watchdog:

  • 1 of 5 girls will be sexually molested before her 18th birthday.
  • 1 of 6 boys will be sexually molested before his 18th birthday.
  • 1 of 5 children have been propositioned for sex over the Internet.
  • 2 of 3 sexual abuses are perpetrated against teenagers or younger children.
  • 90% of sexual assaults are committed against someone the perpetrator knows.
  • The median age for male molestation victims under 18 is 9.8 years old.
  • The median age for female molestation victims under 18 is 9.6 years old.
  • There are new 400,000 victims of sexual assault every year.
  • There are over 550,000 registered sex offenders in the US.
  • There are over 100,000 sex offenders that fail to register in the US.
  • 76% of serial rapists claim they were molested as children.
  • Over 40% of male juvenile delinquents were molested as children.

Churches without a security team or background checks for volunteers are an open invitation to predators.

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