The Edu-tainment of Fellowship One’s Dynamic Church RoadShow

In 2011, Fellowship One was acquired by Active Network, an incredibly large technology provider of management software for groups like CISCO, YMCA, Kraft Foods, and Subway. What is neat about the acquisition is Active Network didn’t try to reinvent Fellowship One but rather come alongside them and enhance the product with their significantly larger teams of experts and wealth of resources.

It takes time to implement, so we are just now beginning to see some of the momentum from their 2 years of hard work. Rather than making Fellowship One become part of a huge corporate brand, they’ve been learning how to better cater to churches and created the ACTIVE Faith division which Fellowship One is a part of.

The Edu-tainment of the Dynamic Church RoadShow

While church management systems are vital for most churches growing larger, they take time and a considerable amount of investment to learn how to use them well and to their fullest potential. And software training has never had a reputation of being exciting, fun, or thrilling.

Knowing that you learn better when you’re awake, ACTIVE Faith consultants recently put a lot of thought into how they can make the training process fun and entertaining. They call it edu-tainment.

For several years, The Dynamic Church RoadShow has brought educational resources directly to churches and saved them a lot of time and money by not having to travel to a conference on the other side of the country. For a minimal investment at the RoadShow, Fellowship One customers get the value of the annual Dynamic Church Conference but with the convenience of in their area of the country. The RoadShow includes:

  • dynamic training sessions,
  • specialized tracks for both beginners and executives,
  • one-on-one discussion with consultants,
  • an experience kit full of all the accessories a Fellowship One traveler needs,
  • as a networking lunch to connect users by region,
  • and lots of fun, games, contest, and prizes.

There are 6 Dynamic Church RoadShows to choose from this fall:

09/25 – Nashville, TN
09/27 – Washington, DC
10/23 – Seattle, WA
10/25 – Austin, TX
11/13 – Los Angeles, CA
11/15 – Las Vegas, NV

And if none of those work, ACTIVE Faith also provides a variety of other training opportunities to fit every learning style and budget, including self-paced, instructor-led, online, or classroom environment. They have weekly and quarterly webinars, an on-site certification course, and an interactive online certification course, too.

Special thanks to ACTIVE Faith for supporting Church Relevance by sponsoring this post.