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2010 Super Bowl Party Rules

Kent Shaffer —  January 17, 2010

Is your church planning a 2010 Super Bowl party?

If so, be sure that your church super bowl party is legal. In recent years, the NFL has become very protective of its copyright over all things super bowl. Fortunately, The Church Law Group has put together 3 rules for church super bowl parties (video).

3 Rules for 2010 Church Super Bowl Parties

  1. The game must be shown on equipment that the church regularly uses over the course of ministry. So if the church already owns a big screen and sound equipment, then the game can be shown using this equipment.
  2. Church can not charge admission for the party. The NFL has stated, however, that church may take up a donation to defray the cost of the event if they desire.
  3. To avoid any copyright infringements, churches may want to call their event a “Big Game Party” rather than a “Super Bowl Party.”

Enjoy the Super Bowl Big Game!

Super Bowl Church Parties Are Now Legal

Kent Shaffer —  February 22, 2008

For the past two Super Bowls, churches cannot host Super Bowl parties that show the game on a screen larger than 55 inches. Unfortunately, some churches found out the hard way.

But times have changed. As of Tuesday this week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated the NFL would not object to “live showings – regardless of screen size – of the Super Bowl.”

So start planning 2009′s Super Bowl church party where you will watch the Cincinnati Bengals make their long-awaited comeback (wishful thinking).

[via The Christian Post]

Win a Free Super Bowl Trip at Fellowship Church

Kent Shaffer —  February 2, 2007

Fellowship Church Super Bowl Giveaway

Fellowship Church (Grapevine, TX) is giving away free trips to Super Bowl XLI.

Grapevine Campus Prize :: Saturday, Feb. 3 :: 5:00 or 6:30 PM Service

  • 2 free tickets to Super Bowl XLI
  • free airfare
  • free hotel accomodations

South Miami Campus Prize :: Sunday, Feb. 4 :: 11:00 AM Service

  • 2 free tickets to Super Bowl XLI

[via Monday Morning Insight]

NFL Tackles a Church Super Bowl Party

Kent Shaffer —  February 1, 2007

Intellectual property is a serious topic but unfamiliar to many. According to The Christian Post, Fall Creek Baptist Church (Indianapolis, IN) learned about it the hard way when the National Football League ordered them to cease and desist intended plans on their upcoming Super Bowl party because of trademark violations.

The 2 Part Initial Problem:

  1. Use of the Super Bowl’s trademark name
    (just the words “Super Bowl”)
  2. A fee to attend

Fall Creek offered to remove the words “Super Bowl” from all promotions, but the NFL still objected stating:

The church cannot project the game onto such a large screen. They may only hold the event if they use a TV no bigger than 55 inches.

And according to Rachel L. Margolies of the NFL:

We are consistent in refusing the use of our game broadcasts in connection with events that promote a message, no matter the content.

Intellectual property can be a confusing issue but is certainly worth learning.