FCC Threatens Churches with Fines and Imprisonment for Using 700 MHz Wireless Microphones

Two years ago, the FCC banned the sale of 700 MHz wireless microphones, and by June 2010, U.S. churches were prohibited to use them.

Now 19 months later, many churches are still using their 700 MHz wireless mics and risk the FCC confiscating their equipment and fines of $10,000-$112,500 or imprisonment.

While I haven’t heard of a single church being punished yet, don’t assume these are empty threats. I expect the grace period to run out sometime soon, and the FCC to gradually make examples of select violators.

Why 700 Mhz Microphones are Prohibited

Radio frequencies are limited, and the world is beginning to run out of space for all of the tech devices we want to stream across the airwaves. All frequencies between 698-806 MHz are now reserved for public emergency services, such as police and fire departments. Unfortunately, that means that thousands of 700 MHz church wireless microphones are now illegal.

To see the FCC’s list of illegal microphones, click here.

The Solution

Obviously, you need to buy new microphones, but you need ones that work in your geography. The FCC has designated select TV frequencies to be used, and the frequencies that will work for you depend on your local TV station coverage. And for churches that max out their designated TV frequencies, they can register for temporary exclusion during their services.

Free Consulting

Rather than trying to figure this all out on your own, Skylark Audio Video is offering free consulting to guide you through what steps to take and what gear you need. They can even help you save some money by purchasing your upgraded microphones direct from the manufacturers.

Call 888-365-7770 or email info@skylarkav.com to get started.

Special Deals on Church Audio, Video, and Lighting Equipment (48 Hour Sale)

Skylark Audio Video is cleaning out their warehouse and offering some great deals on church audio, video, and lighting equipment.

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Skylark – Church Audio Video & Lighting Systems

Skylark Audio Video

Over the past year, I have taken on side projects to help fund Open Church. A few months ago, I was given the providential opportunity to join the team at Skylark Audio Video to lead their rebranding and ongoing communications.

Formerly known as AVi Worship, Skylark Audio Video was founded in 2005 by recognizing churches’ need for more attentive care and financially responsible audio, video, and lighting systems without compromising high-end performance.

Although young, Skylark is one of the few church audio video companies that LifeChurch.tv (Edmond, OK) chooses to work with. While popular among multi-site churches, Skylark also helps church plants take their first steps and 100-year-old landmarks overhaul their church audio while still preserving their historic character.

Skylark Audio Video at Oklahoma Baptist University


What I appreciate most about Skylark is their emphasis on high performance, frugality, relationships, and the client’s best interests.

  1. High Performance Technology
    If you are going to get a church audio, video, and lighting system, you need an AV company that stays current, knows their stuff, and can turn all the talk into reality. While you should never base your decision solely on an AV company’s technical prowess, you should never choose one that lacks it.
  2. Frugality
    This is where Skylark really stands out. Some churches think they need the most expensive equipment or to build everything now for the future. What they don’t realize is they can almost always slash their expenses without sacrificing tech quality by choosing more reasonably priced gear and designing the church AV system for scalability and add-ons when needed. The opposite is also true. Penny-pinching to the extreme costs more in the long-run because cutting-corners leaves you with gear that can’t perform until you upgrade. Skylark gives each church advice on where to spend and where to save in order to meet their goals.
  3. Relationships
    Skylark regards their clients as friends and family. We work to understand how your church operates and then customize their approach to mesh with your team. The goal is to create less work for you and your organization. When the focus is on relationships and not a business bottom line, it is much easier to ensure each church is happy, taken care of, and using Skylark for years to come.
  4. Your Best Interests
    Making your best interests Skylark’s top focus doesn’t make sense to some businessmen. It means spending more time. It can mean sacrificing some paycheck to get you the best solution (not the priciest one). But Skylark does audio, video, and lighting because they love it, and they learned quickly that focusing on your best interests is Skylark’s best interests because it keeps clients coming back, and it helps the cause of Christ.

Before I joined the team at Skylark, Marcus Walker (the founder) and I had several conversations to determine if we were a mutually good fit. I asked, “What values unify your team and drive their performance?” And I love his answer.

We don’t say what are values are. They just are. What unifies us is the constant pursuit to be better than we were on the last job. The quest to learn more and do things better unifies us. We love our job. We are doing what we love and getting paid for it, and it actually means something.


One of the ways Skylark serves churches is by offering free audio, video, and lighting consulting. No strings attached. You need a church AV system that meets your goals, fits within your budget, and works for your facility. We would love to start a conversation to identify what is the best solution for you.

Call 888-365-7770 to get started.