Tulsa Becomes Indiana Jones Adventures

This past weekend,’s Tulsa campus sermon branded their church facilities to promote their annual summer sermon series “At the Movies.” They themed their facilities after the Indiana Jones adventures.

As guests approach the church, a military vehicle with ammo crates appears to have “broken” through a mural spray painted by a local graffiti artist. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

The church entrance is converted into a cobweb covered cave. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

Above the cave is a giant rolling boulder like the one featured in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

One corner of the lobby has a jungle waterfall. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

Another corner has the Ark of the Covenant nestled among military crates as seen at the beginning of The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

And a third corner has converted a coffee bar into a foreign marketplace. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

A mine cart with Short Round from The Temple of Doom sits over the other lobby entrance. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

Between the auditorium doors rests a large “stone” skull that breathes fog. Tulsa At the Movies 2008

The auditorium did not continue the Indiana Jones theme, but some extra lights were added for the sermon series. Tulsa At the Movies 2008 Tulsa staff and volunteers spent four days creating the Indiana Jones environment. And churchgoers are encouraged to invite their friends to come enjoy the fun. Each year “At the Movies” proves to be an effective outreach series for

36 Sermon Series Graphics from Fellowship Church

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Fellowship Church (Grapevine, TX) has been a pioneer in sermon branding for years. Not only are their sermon titles and messages creative, but their sermon series graphics are also a great source of inspiration. Here are 36 well-designed sermon series graphics Fellowship Church has created over the past several years. Enjoy!

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(3) Betrayal & (4) Right Christmas

(5) Flavor & (6) Off the Chain

(7) There & (8) The House

(9) Re-Thinking Jesus & (10) iGod

(11) Check Up & (12) Doors

(13) Best Seat in the House & (14) Larger Than Life

(15) The Divine & (16) Comfortable

(17) If the Shoe Fits & (18) Sexual Revolution

(19) Rutbuster & (20) The Me in Mommy

(21) Cantaloupe & (22) Lessons from Hell

(23) Good N’ Angry & (24) Pronoun

(25) White Noise & (26) Love Affair

(27) Authority Issues & (28) Thread

(29) Night Shift & (30) Retro

(31) Multiple Choice & (32) Just Lust

(33) The Games We Play & (34) Forget About It

(35) Crispus Cremus & (36) Praying for Keeps

If you want to be a great graphic designer, study great graphic design. If you want to be a creative preacher, study creative preaching. What you put in comes out.