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What Ministry Conferences Are You Attending in 2015 & 2016?

Kent Shaffer —  December 13, 2014

Church Relevance’s list of 2015 church conference recommendations has been updated to over 80 ministry conferences throughout 2015 and 2016. It is not too early to start planning which ones you can attend.

2013 Ministry Conference Recommendations

Kent Shaffer —  July 9, 2013

church conference calendar

Church Relevance’s church conference calendar has been updated to include current pricing as well as several new additions.

View conference calendar.

Church Conference 2011 Recommendations

Kent Shaffer —  December 28, 2010

Are you looking for a few good church conferences to attend in 2011?

I’ve assembled a list of over 30 recommended church conferences to consider. I usually attend a few each year, and I can thank a handful of ministry conferences for dramatically shaping my ministry perspectives today.

To see the list, visit the official church conference recommendations page.

Which conferences will you be attending?

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Catalyst West Coast 2010

Kent Shaffer —  February 17, 2010

Catalyst has been consistently creating great church conferences for over 10 years. In two months is the next big event – Catalyst West Coast (Irvine, CA). It features Catalyst’s usual lineup of big name speakers – Andy Stanley, Don Miller, Erwin McManus, Mark Driscoll, Louie Giglio, and more.

Personally, I think the preconference Catalyst Labs speakers may outdo the main speaker lineupin fresh & challenging perspectives (major thought competition). Lab speakers include Dan Kimball, Eugene Cho, Dave Kinnaman, Jud Wilhite, Mike Foster, Scot McKnight, Soong Chan Rah, Dino Rizzo, Anne Jackson, Carlos Whittaker, Jon Acuff, Jon Tyson, John Ortberg, Leroy Barber, Margaret Feinberg, Michael Hyatt, and many more.


The last day for the Super Early Bird rate is February 18th. But you can actually get the Super Super Early Bird rate  if you register with the special rate code “BLOG. That will get you access the the main speakers for $229 and the lab speakers for only $99 extra.

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Free Church Conference Online – THE NINES

Kent Shaffer —  August 11, 2009

Leadership Network is offering a free church conference online called THE NINES that begins at:

09/09/09 at 9:09am CST.

You will hear from 47+ speakers, who will each spend 9 minutes giving their best leadership advice. Speakers include:

  • Mark Batterson :: National Community Church (Washington, DC)
  • Dave Ferguson :: Community Christian Church (Naperville, IL)
  • Reggie Joiner :: reThink Group
  • Dan Kimball :: Vintage Faith Church (Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Perry Noble :: NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC)
  • Ed Stetzer :: LifeWay Research
  • and many many more!

To register for this free conference, visit

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Church Conference Recommendations for 2009

Kent Shaffer —  February 11, 2009

If you want to attend a church conference this year, there are certainly plenty of options. Here are some that I recommend:

Feb 18 :: C3 Creative Church Conference (Grapevine, TX)
Learn from speakers and leaders on the cutting edge of creativity and excellence.
Cost: $320-$370

Feb 26 :: Catalyst One Day (Atlanta, GA)
A one day leadership experience packed with teaching and insight from Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel.
Cost: $89-$139

Feb 27 :: The Idea Camp (Irvine, CA)
The Idea Camp is a FREE, open source hybrid conference designed to help people move from the realm of ideas to implementation.
Cost: FREE

Mar 12 :: Unleash (Anderson, SC)
Unleash is a one-day conference hosted by NewSpring Church and specifically-designed to challenge, encourage and motivate church leaders to take action in reaching their communities for Jesus Christ.
Cost: $59

Mar 17 :: The Sticks Middle America (Harrison, AR)
The Sticks is a gathering to inspire and equip pastors in small to medium towns to make a big impact for the Kingdom!
Cost: $99-$209

Apr 20 :: Exponential Conference (Orlando, FL)
Experience God’s church planting movement around the world.
Cost: $159-$249

Apr 23 :: Catalyst West (Irvine, CA)
Catalyst West is a gathering of 3,000 next generation leaders from all over the world for three days of teaching, worship, and exploration of what’s possible for the church.
Cost: $209-$289

Apr 27 :: Q (Austin, TX)
Q is a gathering where innovators, church leaders, social entrepreneurs, and cultural pioneers come together to explore the church’s role in positively contributing to culture.
Cost: $750-$820

May 12 :: The Sticks South East (Canton, GA)
The Sticks is a gathering to inspire and equip pastors in small to medium towns to make a big impact for the Kingdom!
Cost: $99-$229

May 13 :: WFX Worship Facilities Conference (Long Beach, CA)
WFX is designed to educate and your church executive, facilities and tech teams to learn together through a unique conference program that focuses on 4 tracks for facilities and tech teams.
Cost: $145-$445

May 18 :: Catalyst One Day (Dallas, TX)
A one day leadership experience packed with teaching and insight from Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel.
Cost: $69-$139

May 18 :: InnovateChurch (Lynchburg, VA)
Innovating the leader… innovating the church.
Cost: $59

Jul 29 :: Echo Church Media Conference (Dallas, TX)
A conference for church leaders that love using media, technology, and the internet to be more effective in sharing God’s story.
Cost: $99-$329

Aug 6 :: The Leadership Summit (South Barrington, IL)
Willow Creek Community Church’s leadership conference.
Cost: $175-$355

Sep 10 :: MinistryCOM (Chicago, IL)
MinistryCOM is a national conference designed specifically for church communications professionals.
Cost: $100-$325

Sep 24 :: Innovate (Granger, IN)
Whether you have a church gathering of 100 or 10,000 you can begin making innovative, strategic moves that will impact your community.
Cost: $219-$239

Oct 07 :: Catalyst Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
A gathering of next generation leaders from all over the world for teaching, worship, and exploration of what’s possible for the church.
Cost: $159-$319

Oct 20 :: The REVEAL Conference (South Barrington, IL)
It’s an opportunity to participate in challenging dialogue, testimony, and teaching with pastors and church leaders whose practical ideas, vision, and best practice insights are supporting their people in growing spiritually.
Cost: $135-$275

Nov 04 :: National Outreach Convention (San Diego, CA)
Outreach magazine’s church conference.
Cost: $219-$379

For Discussion:
What conferences do you plan on attending this year?

Rural Church Conference :: The Sticks

Kent Shaffer —  July 21, 2008

Almost all church conferences and resources focus on doing church in the city or the suburbs. Now there is a church conference for rural ministry.

It is called The Sticks. And on November 11-12, 2008, up to 400 church leaders will gather in Loudonville, OH to learn about doing ministry in “the sticks.” Speakers include:

[via Tim Stevens]

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