Creative Church Christmas Music of 2009

Each December thousands of churches give special performances for Christmas such as carols, bell choirs, and live nativities. In recent years, it has been popular to perform Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs and “drummer boy” solos (often with trash cans). If you want some fresh and early creative inspiration for your 2010 Christmas church service, here are three of the most creative church Christmas performances of 2009.


For the first 4 weeks of December, Granger Community Church had A Christmas Carol-themed sermon series. They created an ingenious musical tie-in by rewriting the words to “Carol of the Bells” to tell the tale of Scrooge.


Oneighty Varsity is the upper-age youth ministry of Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK). For Christmas, they created a just-for-fun Christmas music video with an SNL Lazy Sunday vibe.


North Point Community Church performed Christmas carols with a multi-site twist – 3 campuses (with 4 stages)  gave a synchronized Christmas performance and traded off performing via satellite feed.

View from the Buckhead campus >>

View from the Alpharetta campus’ East Auditorium >>

For Discussion:
- What 2009 creative church Christmas music would you add to this list (YouTube links welcome)?

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