Scott Hodge on Change

Scott Hodge of The Orchard (Aurora, IL) opened up day 2 of MinistryCOM with a keynote on change. Scott is not only the lead pastor but the communications director as well. Here are some “tweaked” highlights from his talk:

How do you change a church that has been doing things the same way for too long?

The biggest challenge is changing the way that people think about church. People want to reach people for God, but they like to reach them on their terms.

God can birth a new culture for your church.

A communication director’s job is not to decide or dictate the vision of the church. A communication director’s job to to translate and clrify the vision so that people can get it.

Sometimes whole visions live or die on the basis of the words the leader chooses for articulating the vision.
-Bill Hybels :: Axiom

When you have a clear and compelling mission, you have the opportunity to create alignment.

Vision is not sticky. you have to recast it and recast it and recast it.
-Andy Stanley

Ask Yourself Three Questions

  1. Who is God calling us to reach?
    Who has God positioned us or uniquely equipped us with the ability to reach effectively?
  2. What is it going to take to reach them?
    What is it that we need to stop doing in order to effectively reach the people that we are called to reach? Sometimes your clearest vision starts simply by knowing what you do not want to be and stopping those things that feed it. What do we need to start doing?
  3. Are we willing to pay the price?
    When you start trying to reach the people God has called you to reach, some people will not like it. You will lose something (reputation, appeal, etc).

You have the opportunity to create culture. That culture is created by everything, including what you choose to celebrate as well as who and what you allow to have influence in your church.

Communicate the why behind the what. Do not just tell people what is happening. Explain why you are doing it.