Scott Belsky on Making Ideas Happen

Catalyst Conference Dallas

At Catalyst Dallas, Scott Belsky of Behance discussed making ideas happen.

Most ideas never happen.

Ways to make ideas happen.

  • Overcome reactionary workflow (i.e., emails, texts, social media messages, voicemails). Unplugging is becoming the competitive advantage of the digital age.
  • Have a culture of capturing action steps. As leaders, we must have an action oriented nature.
  • Reduce your amount of insecurity work (i.e., social media, analytics, actions that don’t push the ball forward, etc.).
  • Never stop optimizing. Don’t be confined by the horizon of success.
  • Spend energy on how you organize.
  • Creativity x organization = impact
    You need both creativity and organization. You can have all the creativity in the world but zero organization equals zero impact.
  • Share ideas liberally.
  • Share ownership of ideas.
  • Divided interests equal divided results.
  • Seek competition.
  • Overcome the stigma of self-marketing.
  • Value the team’s immune system.
  • Find and empower the hot spots.
  • Incentivize innovation by tolerating failure. Many organizations wants innovation but only reward success. Innovation and failure go hand and hand. Allow pockets of failure.
  • Push people into their intersection.
  • Gain confidence from doubt. All remarkable people at one point did something great that others thought was crazy. When everybody keeps telling you’re crazy you’re either crazy or you’re onto something. Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means.

Creativity is not only an opportunity. It is a responsibility.

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