Sacha Baron Cohen’s Church Prank

Kent Shaffer —  March 30, 2008

Sacha Baron Cohen, the creator of the infamous movie Borat, is filming another movie called Bruno. It is about Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter, who is one of Baron Cohen’s many comic personalities. Because Christians are stereotyped as antihomosexual and homophobic, Bruno has already interviewed a pastor, a Christian musician, and an event sponsor from a Christian Rock festival. His goal is controversy, and he usually gets it.

Earlier this month, Bruno and his film crew crashed the Easter play at Central Community Church (Wichita, KS). Bruno’s crew told the church they were working on a documentary for German TV One, and they asked the congregation to sign waivers and provide their Social Security Numbers. But church staff discovered their real intentions when -

One of our pastors (Clint Dunn) came around in the back hallway, and they were surrounding a biblically dressed person in chains on a cart.
Greg Smith :: Executive Pastor :: Central Community Church

Pastor Clint Dunn locked the doors to prevent Bruno from interrupting the end of the Easter play, and he told the audience to go home. Bruno’s film crew even went as far as preparing to cover security cameras for the prank. It is a reminder that, in the pursuit of laughs, some are willing to disrupt the Church’s mission of saving lives.

On his blog, Greg Smith offers the lessons his church has learned from almost being pranked by Bruno.

For Discussion:
- What are some best practices for ushers, staff, and church security for preventing disruptions or harm during a church service?

[ via KAKE-TV & Family News in Focus]

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