Top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry // 12th Edition

There are thousands of ministry blogs to read, but do you ever wonder which ones everyone else is reading? I do, which is why I have compiled a list of the world’s most read Christian faith blogs.

Keep in mind, this list is an objective list rather than endorsement of the blogs. This includes a broad scope of perspectives, so be spiritually discerning about what you read and compare it against what the Bible says.

This list isn’t perfect. It only measures a blog’s reach and influence. There are plenty of quality blogs that unfortunately do not make the list. It is, however, a beautifully diverse representation of our Christian brothers and sisters around the globe.

What is a Christian blog for ministry?

Top 300 Christian Blogs for MinistryThese blogs cover theology, methodology, journalism, academia, culture, and humor in ways that benefit Christian ministry leaders’ perspective, personal growth, cultural awareness, and ministering ability.

To qualify, each ministry blog must also have published sometime within the last 3 months, be considered a blog, have an Alexa rank of <1,400,000, and be classified as Protestant, Anglican, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox.

What is measured.

Scroll down past the list to learn how the rankings are computed and what the metrics mean.



1New AdventVarious38,665842,9056,094
2Religion & Ethics NewsweeklyVarious987897523,682
3A Holy ExperienceAnn Voskamp68,692702,56154,911
4Dr. Albert MohlerAlbert Mohler148,612701,37415,174
5CNN Belief BlogVarious76803402,295
6Tim ChalliesTim Challies41,097651,5257,444
7Between Two WorldsJustin Taylor18,539726611,230
9DeYoung, Restless, and ReformedKevin DeYoung18,539714961,263
10Rod DreherRod Dreher39,250733112,354
11Whispers in the LoggiaRocco Palmo375,584748315,976
12Desiring GodVarious16,649702492,271
13Storyline BlogVarious99,740685551,761
17We Are That FamilyKristen Welch143,684621,3174,281
19Nadia Bolz-WeberNadia Bolz-Weber1,876751183,119
21Jesus CreedScot McKnight1,87678323263
22First ThingsVarious37,93677213496
23Church MagVarious59,754603865,942
25Fr. Z's BlogJohn Zuhlsdorf90,118625361,139
26Formerly FundieBenjamin Corey1,87673598,542
27Acts 29Scott Thomas395,626641,0482,206
28Peter EnnsPeter Enns1,87677177317
29Roger OlsonRoger Olson1,87677159349
30For the Love of GodD.A. Carson18,53968220451
31The AnchoressElizabeth Scalia1,87678175272
32Lisa-Jo BakerLisa-Jo Baker398,389611,0644,473
33The Ethics & Religious Liberty CommissionVarious298,48164703936
34Rachel Held EvansRachel Held Evans145,029631922,727
34The Council on Biblical Manhood and WomanhoodVarious466,84667912957
36Lysa TerKeurstLysa TerKeurst473,9036064824,745
38Kingdom PeopleTrevin Wax18,53968181413
39Catholic and Enjoying It!Mark Shea1,87677131283
40Ministry to ChildrenVarious80,854543358,085
41Get ReligionVarious274,41566409469
42Thom RainerThom Rainer122,203572324,894
43First Things Web ExclusivesVarious37,93675122339
43Gifted for LeadershipVarious13,5567997327
45Russell MooreRussell Moore589,334613957,118
46Stuff Christians LikeJon Acuff503,538586146,576
47Internet MonkVarious338,073595111,918
48Pure ChurchThabiti Anyabwile18,53968182229
48The Pangea BlogKurt Willems1,87675113280
50Christian PiattChristian Piatt1,87669402,780
51Chatting at the SkyEmily Freeman405,644588522,102
52Bad CatholicMarc Barnes1,87675127189
53HeavenwardScotty Smith18,53967111596
54SlacktivistFred Clark1,87679128149
55Jen HatmakerJen Hatmaker236,453572194,700
55The LPM BlogVarious228,926552835,254
58Christ is Deeper StillRay Ortlund18,53967128265
59Apologetics 315Brian Auten345,041554162,755
60Church Marketing SucksVarious279,53956530893
60Experimental TheologyRichard Beck306,75562211738
62Thought LifeOwen Strachan1,87665253,891
63Adrian WarnockAdrian Warnock1,8767825934
64Reformation 21Various215,46057426486
65Holly GerthHolly Gerth638,215575692,895
65Ron EdmondsonRon Edmondson218,01556356792
67Red Letter ChristiansVarious309,520562811,263
68Standing on my HeadDwight Longnecker1,8767713573
69Life in GraceEdie306,478543831,202
70I Have to Sit DownSimcha Fisher1,8767175177
71Small Group DynamicsVarious416,52058379849
71Tony Morgan LiveTony Morgan479,976554281,857
73Jamie the Very Worst MissionaryJamie563,082553054,626
74The CrescatKatrina Fernandez1,8767563138
75The French RevolutionVarious1,87664231,644
76Fuller Youth InstituteVarious265,807541802,000
77Exploring Our MatrixJames McGrath1,8767512263
78Frank ViolaFrank Viola286,62454329787
79Warren ThrockmortonWarren Throckmorton1,8767815533
81Kimberly KnightKimberly Knight1,8767063144
82Blog and MablogDoug Wilson334,75754408657
82Ligonier MinistriesVarious45,10664150111
84Katie DavisKatie Davis639,73358534570
85Glory to God for All ThingsFather Stephen121,0745886648
86David HensonDavid Henson1,8766321877
87RevangelicalBrandan Robertson1,8766295,358
88Worship MattersBob Kauflin916,128574851,063
89Carey NieuwhofCarey Nieuwhof185,719481744,907
90True WomanVarious287,211492043,622
91Christ and Pop CultureVarious249,87054162706
91Rabbit RoomVarious600,685522952,423
93Ragamuffin SoulCarlos Whittaker955,216566081,038
94Unequally YokedLeah Libresco1,876749641
95Christopher CloseupTony Rossi1,8766520351
96Eve TushnetEve Tushnet1,876767642
96The Gospel-Driven ChurchJared Wilson18,5396710265
98A Catholic ThinkerTod Worner1,8766317723
98Church RelevanceKent Shaffer279,42653246385
100The Bible and CultureBen Witherington1,876738943
101Mercy Not SacrificeMorgan Guyton1,876725971
102Margaret FeinbergMargaret Feinberg624,188533861,037
102Mary DemuthMary Demuth851,096544721,090
104Deeper StoryVarious355,953502401,486
105Good LettersVarious1,876734682
106A Deeper ChurchVarious373,401502401,490
107nakedpastorDavid Hayward406,37053270589
108Shauna NiequistShauna Niequist420,336521771,871
109The Deacon's BenchGreg Kandra1,876759127
110Denny BurkDenny Burk361,17555229291
111Amy Julia BeckerAmy Julia Becker13,556753576
112FaithWalkersBill Blankschaen1,8766234217
114Slow ChurchVarious1,876703783
115Brian McLarenBrian McLaren871,565561891,441
116Philosophical FragmentsVarious1,8766624175
117Inebriate MePascal-Emmanuel Gobry1,8766113807
118Phil CookePhil Cooke931,55957315550
119CranichGene Veith1,876761559
120The CripplegateVarious307,29252162541
121Church Tech TodayVarious489,2444715668,057
121James MacDonaldJames MacDonald216,11649912,990
123Sister Rose at the MoviesRose Pacatte1,876683671
124Think ChristianVarious419,10956197185
125FreedHeartsSusan Cottrell1,876685148
126Inspired to ActionKat685,52551253953
126The BioLogos ForumVarious224,9935898162
128The Aquila ReportVarious247,04751146449
129God and the MachineThomas MacDonald1,876703262
129Simcha Fisher @ NC RegisterSimcha Fisher50,378654585
131She Loves MagazineVarious517,41350205960
132Jarrid WilsonJarrid Wilson418,480461565,356
133Jimmy AkinJimmy Akin50,378643996
134Paperback TheologyTim Suttle1,8766217210
135More Than DodgeballVarious306,7375522998
135The Blazing CenterVarious199,42949152439
135The Deeper JourneyFrank Viola1,876642788
138Ellen Painter Dollar Ellen Painter Dollar1,876662875
139Fighting for the FaithChris Rosebrough619,913481832,363
140The Everyday AwakeningJonathan Wilson-Hartgrove1,876672574
141Parchment and PenMichael Patton309,32455134167
142Juicy EcumenismVarious404,9805387822
143Biblical Evidence for CatholicismDavid Armstrong1,334,01659185483
144Seasons of GraceKathy Schiffer1,876704428
144The BLB BlogVarious14,20149195,406
146Jonathan MerrittJonathan Merritt41,315614783
146Stuff Fundies LikeDarrell270,158471201,022
148Emergent VillageVarious1,876682546
149Black, White, and GrayVarious1,876713625
151A Contemplative FaithCarl McColman1,876642470
152Christian Web TrendsPaul Steinbrueck241,4015812269
152J.D. GreerJ.D. Greer618,02249171948
152The OrantBilly Kingas1,876713622
155K-Lo at LargeKathryn Lopez1,876632480
156Jesus Needs New PRMatthew Paul Turner727,46955202170
157Barefoot and PregnantCalah Alexander1,876683523
158Church Stage Design IdeasJonathan Malm318,37447160446
158Why I Am CatholicFrank Weathers1,876672636
160Cosmos The In LostArtur Rosman1,8766010188
160Hillsong CollectedVarious58,1475098,241
162Christianity CoveMary-Kate433,44948206296
162Why I Still Talk to Jesus - in Spite of EverythingFrank Schaeffer1,876632069
164Zwinglius RedivivusJim West375,1696014051
165Pilgrim's Road TripMichelle Van Loon1,876622956
166Public CatholicRebecca Hamilton1,876672727
167Love is an OrientationAndrew Marin1,876642541
168The Museum of IdolatryChris Rosebrough816,847471661,812
169Sam LuceSam Luce497,213451261,721
170Bock's BlogDarrell Bock26,2085454101
171John ShoreJohn Shore1,876671934
172Egregious TwaddleJoanne McPortland1,876611683
173HeadHeartHandDavid Murray419,40651117280
174Shrinking the CamelJ.B. Wood1,876684812
175Father, Where Art Thou?Michael Duffy1,8765514205
176Anxious BenchVarious1,876713811
177Youth SpecialtiesVarious316,0525133889
178Rachel Marie Stone Rachel Marie Stone1,87668684
178spiritchatterJack Levison1,876618130
180Frame & PoythressVarious757,25951140395
181Adam McLaneAdam McLane1,013,87049192800
182The Holy KissRoger Wolsey1,8765113505
183Eugene ChoEugene Cho994,01352246191
184LeithartPeter Leithart37,9365811153
185Brad LomenickBrad Lomenick1,202,844481811,620
186Faith on the CouchGregory Popcak1,876641831
187FeminismxianityCaryn Riswold1,876611947
188A Good MeasureLisa Hendey1,876652716
188Pop TheologyVarious1,876673113
188The God ArticleMark Sandlin1,876566343
191Pursued by TruthTheresa Aletheia Noble1,876598132
192Brandon A CoxBrandon Cox1,276,4705945454
193Allison VesterfeltAllison Vesterfelt810,33748189340
194Faith, Media, & CultureJohn Kennedy9,281599106
195Pastor's TodayVarious25,0355714100
196Urban FaithVarious622,68050105318
197The High CallingVarious1,876536534
198Faith and TheologyVarious1,016,05052246142
199What's Best NextMatt Perman643,56850167160
200Ev'ry Day I'm Pastorin'...Anonymous1,142,82350633,580
201Stand FirmVarious508,16949150154
202Mere OrthodoxyVarious771,01653131150
204Church of the MassesBarbara Nicolosi1,87665524
205Mark SheaMark Shea50,378642814
206Edward PentinEdward Pentin50,378633315
208The BriefingVarious547,9075094188
209Sunday MagazineVarious686,19545761,113
210Big Is The New SmallScott Williams1,328,80549227326
210The Worship CommunityVarious1,186,988441352,601
212Pia de Solenni Pia de Solenni1,876591538
212The White Horse InnVarious717,2795260296
214Christena ClevelandChristena Cleveland999,54650142272
215Derwin GrayDerwin Gray13,556543343
216Larry HurtadoLarry Hurtado803,6275911443
217IrreverinErin Wathen1,87663930
218The Tin SoldiersAndrew Schwab1,876571260
219Shoved to ThemRebecca Frech1,876611619
221EidosJohn Mark Reynolds1,876661213
221Matt & Pat ArchboldVarious50,378641913
223Morning Rose Prayer GardenMargaret Rose Realy1,87664209
223PomomusingsAdam Walker Cleaveland821,8655019587
225QuestianityHeidi Weaver1,876584109
226Growing Kids MinistryLindsey787,90544350123
227Kyle CuppKyle Cupp1,876555143
228DJ ChuangDJ Chuang893,67948126256
229Sticking the CornersJennifer Fitz1,876611614
231Catholic Book BloggerPete Socks1,87663265
232Brian Dodd on LeadershipBrian Dodd502,11245110181
232Post-Traumatic Church SyndromeReba Riley1,876546126
234Paul SohnPaul Sohn238,58843105115
235Steven GreydanusSteven Greydanus50,378591919
237Going BeyondPriscilla Shirer1,049,20645523,287
238David MillsDavid Mills1,876601515
239Ancient Faith BlogsVarious123,235479490
239The Parent CueVarious1,121,959441011,058
241Daniel B WallaceDaniel Wallace1,063,2364878529
241James TaborJames Tabor757,0154885214
241What God Wants for Your LifeFrederick Schmidt1,876526161
244Faithful DemocratsVarious1,87659830 BlogVarious72,669486499
246Brian McLarenBrian McLaren1,876535127
247Elizabeth DuffyElizabeth Duffy1,876621113
247Uncommon God, Common GoodPaul Louis Metzger1,87663913
249Ministry Best PracticesBill Reichart727,1824172867
250Cry WoofWill Duquette1,876601512
251Christian CrierVarious1,876544109
251Unfundamentalist ChristiansVarious1,87663193
253Diary of a Wimpy CatholicMax Lindenman1,876561227
254SBC TodayVarious1,016,3754470909
255Jennie AllenJennie Allen616,3554661211
256Unsettled ChristianityJoel L. Watts870,8364813999
257Ed StetzerEd Stetzer13,556521065
257HedgerowBethany Blankley1,876532151
259Summa This Summa ThatJoseph Susanka1,87661129
260On the WayPhil Fox Rose1,87652875
261The CBE ScrollVarious560,9235045112
262Orange LeadersVarious514,1894663141
263OrthodixieJoseph Huneycutt1,876571314
264Kirk FranklinKirk Franklin1,87639111,000
265Call & ResponseVarious326,493545019
266The HeidelblogScott Clark594,0374164319
267Rick ThomasRick Thomas1,072,3994470534
268Stand to ReasonVarious717,792544659
269Faith ForwardVarious1,876581013
269The Jesuit PostVarious1,876561214
271The Faithful TravelerDiana von Glahn1,876505113
272Fire in my BonesJ Lee Grady49,012501456
273Rethinking Youth MinistryVarious1,253,9944499347
274Church Tech ArtsMike Sessler1,245,6804757372
275Will ManciniWill Mancini985,26045105150
276Good and TruthColeman Glenn1,87658144
276The Flaming HeraldBert Farias23,034495113
278The Fellowship of Saints and SinnersKristina Robb-Dover9,2815899
280Happy Catholic BookshelfVarious1,87658133
280Spiritual Direction 101Teresa Blythe1,87658712
282Grace & TruthVarious652,0204446164
282Joan DesmondJoan Desmond50,37860161
282Manhattan ProjectEric Teetsel1,87659113
285Istoria Ministries BlogWade Burleson1,205,1844485243
286Catholic NewsVarious1,87654435
287A Musing AmmaElizabeth Nordquist1,8765978
288Andy NaselliAndy Naselli640,1934611144
289FemmevangelicalJennifer Crumpton1,87653820
289Word + FleshRagan Sutterfield1,87654718
291The View from Dixon HallMaria Dixon1,87652539
292Christianity is ChangingMichael Hardin1,8765885
293Roger PearseRoger Pearse1,340,8535111347
294Hacking ChristianityJeremy Smith844,6534262172
295Children's Ministry OnlineKenny Conley1,152,4624588118
295Innovate for JesusVarious1,353,45138561,063
297Andrew FarleyAndrew Farley1,8766171
298Shadows on the RoadBen Conroy1,87652721
299Communicate JesusSteve Kryger874,6294296107
300Rev Gal Blog PalsVarious1,274,2964563173

FAQ :: Can you explain the metrics? 

  • Traffic – Alexa Rank (AR)
    Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the usage patterns of Alexa Toolbar users and data collected from other, diverse sources over a rolling 3 month period. A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and pageviews. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of Alexa user URL requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same URL on the same day by the same user are counted as a single pageview. The site with the highest combination of users and pageviews is ranked #1.
  • Buzz Depth – Open Site Explorer Homepage Authority (HA)
    Predicts the website’s homepage ranking in search engines based on an algorithmic combination of the number of sites linking to it, the total number of links, Facebook shares & likes, tweets, and Google +1s.
  • Buzz Scope – Open Site Explorer Linking Root Domains (RD)
    The number of unique root domains containing at least one url linking to the website’s homepage.
  • Social Media Impact – Open Site Explorer Social Metrics (SM)
    The number of Facebook Shares, Facebook Likes, Twitter mentions, and Google+ mentions linking to the website’s homepage

FAQ :: How was the list computed?

  1. Over 700 blogs were reviewed in a preliminary screening to determine if they meet the criteria of Alexa rank, posting frequency, and topical scope.
  2. 449 blogs qualified.
  3. Data was collected for each blog from all 4 measured criteria (i.e., Alexa Rank, Open Site Explorer Homepage Authority, Open Site Explorer Homepage Root Domain Links, and Open Site Explorer Social Metrics).
  4. For Open Site Explorer Homepage Authority, Open Site Explorer Homepage Root Domain Links, and Open Site Explorer Social Metrics, the blogs were sorted best to worst for each metric and ranked 1-439. Blogs with the same metric value tied in rank with subsequent blogs taking their true rank (e.g., rank = 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9).
  5. For Alexa Rank, the blogs were sorted best to worst for each metric and ranked. Blogs with the same metric value tied in rank with subsequent blogs taking the next sequential rank value (e.g., rank = 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). This approach is used due to the increasing number of blogs being hosted on sites like Patheos and The Gospel Coalition, which Alexa measures as the value for the entire site rather than the blog’s url. While this approach doesn’t prevent blogs hosted on larger sites from having favorably skewed results, it does dramatically reduce these blogs from unfavorably skewing the results of other blogs (i.e., Patheos occupies only 1 rank value rather than 27 rank values).
  6. A composite rank for each blog is determined by averaging each blogs ranking from the 4 measured criteria.
  7. The top 300 blogs were published.

FAQ :: Are these metrics reliable?

Once a blog meets the topical criteria, it is objectively measured by 4 website metrics that are relatively difficult to cheat and consistent across all blogs. The metrics aren’t perfect, but it is the best formula we’ve found thus far. Check out SEOmoz’s analysis on the reliability of Alexa traffic analytics. While imperfect, there isn’t a better alternative outside of the time consuming process of getting several hundred bloggers to all use the same analytics software and participate in reporting data (impossible!).

FAQ :: Why did the name change.

When I first began this list in 2009, I called it church blogs. It focused almost exclusively on the blogs of prominent church leaders and those covering ministry methodology. It featured just 60 church blogs.

But this labeling didn’t scale well. What about bibliobloggers (Biblical studies), female faith bloggers, or Christian news blogs? These are just a few of the niches that certainly offer value for ministers but didn’t fit into the original scope of ministry best practices. As the blog list grew, it created tension around who was included an who wasn’t. It nurtured symbolic annihilation by platforming Reformed and Evangelical voices while excluding female, Catholic, and Orthodox writers, who were less likely to write about ministry methodology.

Our topical criteria excluded valuable thought leaders, and it also failed to curate the consistent quality intended. It still featured some blogs with mediocre content while snubbing some gems that could bring far more value.