Creative Church Stage Designs

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Church stage designs are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of creative sermons and multi-sensory worship experiences.

Both science and common sense tell us that environment often has a remarkable influence over how people feel, behave, and learn. So while nothing replaces the power of preaching the gospel and God’s Word, a creative church set design can accomplish two things if done well:

  1. Make a sermon more memorable.
  2. Create an atmosphere that is more worshipful, reflective, and in awe of God.

Some call it our generation’s stained glass, but it is easier said then done. Because the technology and concepts behind church stage designs are so new, most churches are still learning how to do it well.

Keep in mind that what works for one church won’t necessarily work for your church. A church stage design must be appropriate for its context (i.e., church auditorium, congregational culture, sermon topic, staff skills, and fiscal budget). If a church stage design idea can’t be created with finesse in each of those 5 areas, then you probably shouldn’t do it.

Sometimes a great stage design is subtle and minimalist, which is a popular choice among reformed churches wanting to keep the focus on scripture. And sometimes a great stage design is bold, full of grandeur, and even shocking, which is a popular choice among attractional churches wanting a “wow” factor that attracts people to church.

In almost every circumstance, the key is finesse. We’ve put together a list of about 70 great set designs from the past decade.

If you are looking for even more inspiration, be sure to check out Jonathan Malm’s gallery at Church Stage Design Ideas.

Disclaimer: Most of these examples are from attractional church models with big budgets and talented staff, so that we can show a more diverse range of techniques. However, that does not necessarily mean your church should use that model or attempt these. You need to prayerfully choose whatever is the best approach for your church.

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