Reading While Running (Habakkuk Style)

Every lasting success is the result of a plan.
Every successful church is the result of a vision.

Without a vision, people perish. They run wild and have no restraint according to Proverbs 29:18. Your vision is God’s plan for you. It is divine guidance that enables you to fulfill your part in the body of Christ.

But it is also important to write your vision down. Keep it simple and easy to remember. In Habakkuk 2:2, God told Habakkuk to write the vision down and keep it so simple that someone could read it while running by.

Capture your church’s vision in a mission statement and keep it simple. Ministry is a fast-paced and demanding career. It can be full of distractions, but a well-written mission statement will keep you focused on the vision even if you must run to take care of everything.

I like what History Church has done with their mission statement. Pastor Ben Arment shares:

History’s mission statement is to make disciples who can make disciples of Jesus Christ. The phrase is repeated over and over again in print and spoken word. But every mission is made up of tiny little steps that must be well-crafted and well executed in order to be successful. So here it is in bite-size pieces…

To turn prospects into visitors
To turn visitors into regulars
To turn regulars into participants
To turn participants into partners
To turn partners into apprentices
To turn apprentices into leaders

Take it one step further and do what History Church does. Create sub-mission statements. It is a simple concept, but mission statements help you stay focused on God’s purpose for your ministry.