Please Help Open Church Launch!

I’ve discussed the backstory and fringe opportunities of Open Church. Now we need your help to launch Open Church in January 2012!

  • We have had tremendously enthusiastic feedback but few actual donations yet.
  • We have over a hundred volunteers and potentially 10-20 terrabytes of free resources.
  • It takes an initial investment to make it happen and save the global Church millions of dollars.

2 Ways to Meet Our Launch Goal

  1. CHURCHES – $500 monthly from 31 churches for a 6 month commitment (PDF)
  2. INDIVIDUALS – $31 monthly from 500 individuals

Your support guarantees hosting for 3.5 terrabytes of free resources, on-going web development, and a team to manage hundreds of volunteers.

Download a 1 page PDF to give your church’s senior leadership.


  • I will not get rich off Open Church.
  • I have committed to not take a salary from Open Church until October 2012 or later.
  • My wife and I have liquidated assets and made lifestyle adjustments to fund Open Church.
  • I have funded 80% of Open Church’s costs thus far since February 2011.
  • And Open Church’s team has collectively funded over 90% of the costs thus far.

Many have dreamed about better global Church collaboration, but it will never happen unless people are willing to prayerfully sacrifice the time, money, and egos to make it happen. If you are passionate about Open Church, please join me in sacrifice.

A 3rd Way to Meet Our Goal

Hire us to do consulting, branding, graphic design, or web development. Buy an ad on Church Relevance. Ask us to speak at your event.

We’d prefer to spend our time focusing on Open Church but are willing to take on some side projects to make it a reality.

How to Donate

We accept donations via credit cards at
For questions, please email info

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