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Kent Shaffer —  September 22, 2006

WorshipPlanning.comPlanning a worship service isn’t what it used to be especially if you are a worship leader at a big church. But now there is a website to help worship leaders manage all the details – It is a web-based service that allows all the bands, singers, speakers, A/V techs, and anyone else involved to:

  • view and/or update the latest service plans
  • read and post to message board discussions
  • upload and share files (notes, charts, songs, etc.)
  • suggest or search worship ideas
  • print a worship order sheet

The goal is to centralize the plans so the worship contributors can access them anytime, from anywhere. They even have a section for online surveys, a service statistic tracker, and peer reviews. You can sign up for a year’s subscription for less than a dollar a day.

Kent Shaffer

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2 responses to Organize and Enhance Your Church’s Worship ::

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for your blog. It’s very practical and a great resource for church leaders. Keep it up! You’re appreciated…

  2. I know, this is a shameless plug but…you also should check out my service called Planning Center Online at It is kind of like but it adds in a couple other features and some AJAX. ;-) And to be fair you might also want to check out WorshipWebsite and’s Worship Planner. I am kind-of biased towards my product. ;-)