Open Church – Free Ministry Resources and Ideas

Open Church - Free Ministry Resources and Ideas

This year I restructured my life and business endeavors, so that I can start Open Church, an independent nonprofit focused on equipping global Church leaders with free ministry resources to download and ideas from all cultures.

Bits of Open Church’s vision have been stirring in my heart for years, connecting, and building upon each other. The Open Church website is anticipated to launch in early 3rd quarter 2011. I want to see more churches collaborate.

Free Ministry Resources

If the churches of one city pooled together their different resources – financial and human, they would have more literal and figurative money than they know what to do with.
– Dallas Willard

I find great truth in Willard’s words, but I dream about what it would be like to have thousands of churches globally aggressively sharing their resources with each other. Think of the time saved from not trying to reinvent the wheel. Think of the money saved. With that volume of collaboration, you can still have plenty of variations and choices among similar resources. Rather than 100 churches all doing the same thing, let 5-10 churches create that resource and give it away. Let the remaining 90-95 churches used those saved resources to impact the Kingdom of God in a new way.

By providing the technology platform and manpower to make sharing resources easy, Open Church turns the desire to share into a reality for those interested in equipping the global Church. Open Church’s central hub format simplifies user access, synergizes reach, and reduces costs for contributors.

Global Ministry Ideas

Generally speaking, the majority of ministry thought leadership influencing the global Church comes from white, upper middle class, American men. While their thoughts are good, they are naturally limited by culture and best suited for reaching people like themselves.

Open Church’s idea platform features these mainstream perspectives but also intentionally seeks out expert voices from underplatformed niches, such as G12 Africa, Europe, Chinese house church, Latino Americans, Black Americans, Indian Americans, college ministry, etc.

The goal is to present a holistic scope of ministry perspectives not only to cater to each niche but also help readers become more well-rounded and balanced. By mashing up ministry ideas from all geographies and cultures, it becomes much easier to recognize what are timeless Biblical principles and what are cultural best practices.

How You Can Help

At the moment, Open Church is 100% volunteers. The cost savings and extra manpower allows Open Church to do more, offer more, and reach more. If you feel passionate about Open Church’s vision, you can help the following ways:

  1. Pray for Open Church — its mission and leadership.
  2. Prayerfully consider contributing your time or resources.
    Open Church is currently lining up volunteer editors, writers, translators, resource managers, and resource contributors (particularly curriculum and administrative tools not just graphics). For more information about serving in these roles, please complete the volunteer signup form.

If you are interested, I’d love to explore ways for you to be involved.