North Point Community Church Offers Free Resources

Nside AdminNorth Point Community Church (Alpharetta, GA) is offering a free behind-the-scenes look at their administrative culture including free downloads of many of their administrative documents. The site is called Nside Admin, and it explores the inner workings of North Point Community Church’s

  • Church Government
    >> governing documents
    >> leadership committees
  • Human Resources & Accounting
    >> north point ministries general organization
    >> personnel
    >> budget
    >> financial reporting
    >> childcare reimbursements
  • Facilities
    >> general information/layouts
    >> events
    >> maintenance
    >> safety & security
  • Information Tech & Web
    >> it operations
    >> database management
    >> internal website
    >> faq

If your role in ministry is church administration, be sure to take the time to learn how NPCC does things. Learning how other churches do what you do will often teach you new ways to be more efficient and effective. Never stop learning.

[via Monday Morning Insight]