Nancy Ortberg on Provocative Leaders for a Dangerous Church

At Innovation3, Nancy Ortberg of TeamWorx2 discussed how to be a provocative leader for a dangerous church.

Sustainable innovation is imperative because of the gospel. Innovation should not be because of a gimmick but because the gospel of Christ transforms people. Innovation reminds us that the gospel is always provocative.

What must leaders of dangerous churches do?

#1 :: Manage Tensions

  • Infrastructure and Innovation
    You need both, but you must find your balance. Infrastructure stabilizes and supports an organization. Innovators like to create and compel. Change is always two-fold – incremental and exponential.
  • Passion and Humility
    Passion without humility takes us in the wrong direction.

#2 :: Have Teamwork

Innovation happens best in teams. Team is the word the world uses for community. An ego in check says I will put people on the team who are better than me. There is a magic of being on a team that is wired to do what God has called them to do.

What are the behavioral values that are necessary to set a culture of innovation?

Values inflict pain. They cause you to slow down and think about what you do.

#1 :: Learn to be a great question asker.

#2 :: Embrace risk.

Realize that risk comes with failure. What risks have you taken in the last six months that have failed and what have you learned from them? If you are innovating, you should have just as long a list of failures as you have a list of successes. Fear is the biggest thing that stands in the way of risk. The best way to get rid of fear is to increase curiosity. Fear and curiosity do not coexist.

#3 :: Collaborate.

Do not have silos in your organization. Learn how to work well together

#4 :: Trust

Needed everyone on the team and communicating that builds trust. Trust is something that is built. You have to do things to intentionally build trust.