Mike Foster on Shamu and Living Your Intended Purpose

Mike Foster of Ethur and Plain Joe Studios opened up MinistryCOM with the first keynote. Here are some highlights from his talk:

Are we like Shamu, or are we killer whales?

Are we living the life of a tamed creature that is put in a box, or are we fulfilling our God designed purpose?

If we want to be more like killer whales,

  1. We must be in the ocean.
    We need to be connected to the culture. We need to be connected to the real world. When you stay penned up away from the world, it will make you sick and kill you like it did Namu. Jesus went out into culture. We are not called to critique culture but to create it.
  2. We need to overcome our fears.
    The killer whale has no predators. He has no fear. Sometimes Christians need to grow a pair. Fear is one of the devil’s great tools to keep us from doing God’s work.
  3. Action is not only rewarded, it is demanded.
    A killer whale kills because he has to eat. He has to survive. Action is what is important. Make sure the work that you are doing is work that will impact people and not just yourself. Figure out your process and make it work for you.
  4. Shamu has an easy life. A killer whale feels pain.
    The life of an artist and church communicator will experience some pain. It is the reality of the work and the world we live in. Failures are a reality of the work that we do.

Our calling as artists, as designers, as creatives is to be killer whales and not Shamu’s. We must risk, dreaming, possibilities, and faith.