Matt Chandler About You

At Innovation3, Matt Chandler of The Village Church (Highland Village, TX) talked about you (i.e., church pastors, leaders, and teachers).

Many church leaders are divided into two camps – one says the church should be all about engaging culture and one says the church should be about building spiritual depth in community.

Paul tried to train Timothy how to engage culture and how to create spiritual depth in community. you need a balance of both.

1 Timothy 4 lists out 7 ideas to be mindful of…

  1. Doctrine matters.
    Getting the gospel right is always primary to everything else. it does not matter the praise given if the worship is wrong.
  2. Avoid myths, pursue godliness.
    When all you know about God is learned through someone else’s relationship with God, you cannot truly know him.
  3. Don’t be timid.
  4. Be the example.
  5. Have confidence in the Bible.
    If you do not decide early on that the Bible is the sufficient Word of God, it will not be long before you latch on to the next big idea.
  6. Remember the call.
    Remember the call that you received from the Holy Spirit.
  7. Keep growing.
    Progressive sanctification is for pastors, too.