Matt Carter on Wrongly Loving Your Mission

Ver Conference Session 1

Matt Carter of The Austin Stone Community Church (Austin, TX) discussed the danger of loving your mission more than you love Christ during Verge Conference’s 1st session. Here is what he said:

I believe that the concept and practice of missional community might be the thing that defines this generation historically. I say that because I believe that missional community is the long awaited structure that the American church has needed in order to unleash believers into the mission of the church throughout their every day life.

Too often the church places the responsibility of being missional on the clergy and missionaries. I see a growing tension in the every day person that wonders out loud when will the Holy Spirit of God get to manifest Himself through me. Missional community has potential to awaken the sleeping giant of the American church. It is time for the American church to awaken from its materialistic, narcissistic structure and get in the fight.

But there is danger. First, it is concerning that our generation may be solely defined by reintroducing missional community. If that is all we become known for, then we have failed.

What is most dangerous… There is danger that you may love your mission more than you love your Savior. And if that is true, then your Savior will have no part of your mission. In Revelation 2:1-6, Jesus tells the church of Ephesus that they are excelling in 5 areas but the 1 thing they have missed is that they left their first love. They fell in love with their mission more than their Savior. And Jesus warns them that unless they repent, He will remove their lamp stand from its place.

To know where you stand, ask yourself:
If Jesus took everything away from you, and you never had success or dreams come true, and all you had left was Jesus, would that be enough?

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