Mark Driscoll on 5 Reasons for Multi-Site

At Innovation3, Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church (Seattle, WA) gives 5 reasons for why churches should use a multi-site format.

  1. Theological
    Jesus wants us to multiply and expand to make disciples.
  2. Missiological
    In 1 Corinthians 9, Paul says that he will do all things and use all means to reach people.
  3. Historical
    The church networks of the early church
  4. Technological
    Technology has given us new opportunities. Seats, pipe organs, printed words, microphones, and multi-site are all “innovations” that have been implemented into the church with resistance at first. All ministry is culturally contextualized, but the question is, “What year?”
  5. Practical
    It allows you to get “big” and “small” at the same time. You can improve your production and preaching and consequently grow big without having to sacrifice community and your small groups. The multi-site allows more people to specialize in their areas of ministry.