Know Your Volunteers :: Accufax Background Checks

Volunteers are great! But are they a security risk to your church? Does your church have security measures to keep sex offenders and serious criminals out of your volunteer ranks? The last thing you want is one lurking in your children’s ministry. Although it costs money, it is well worth it to keep your congregation safe and to avoid the risk of devastating news stories if something did go wrong.

One reliable solution is Accufax. They offer six different volunteer screening packages ranging from $17 to $49.45 to accommodate each church’s varying needs for security. The most extensive background check provides:

  • State & County Criminal Record Search
  • Department of Corrections Records
  • Sex Offender Registry Information
  • Social Security Number/Previous Address Search
  • National Statewide Criminal Check
  • National Federal Criminal Check

According to their website:
Under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) guidelines, your organization has certain legal responsibilities as well as other Federal laws such as the EEOC, and State regulations, regardless of the source of the information.

If you become an Accufax member, they will keep you up to date on regulations and laws that may affect you and your volunteer organization.