Kevin Moore Shares Oneighty’s Three S’s of Delegation

Kevin Moore, the youth pastor at Oneighty from Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK), shares three S’s of great delegation. In summary:

  1. Speak it.
    Make an effort to clearly speak to each worker about the details of what they are suppose to do and how those details are important to the vision of the ministry they are serving in.
  2. Spell it.
    Make sure that you spell out in writing (a) the vision and goal of the ministry, (b) the expectations and guidelines of the task, and (c) the details of the job.
  3. Slowly Release.
    Let your worker watch you perform the task. Next allow them to work alongside of you. Spend some time observing them, giving complements and criticism when needed. Once they have learned from you, they are ready to succeed on their own.

Properly delegating to your staff and volunteers is one of the most important things that you can do for your church. It frees you to do what only you can do. For more on delegation, read our article “Ministry Duplication.”