Jon Tyson on the Re-urbanization of the Church

This week at the 2008 Q Conference, Jon Tyson of Origins Church (New York, NY) discussed the necessity of the re-urbanization of the church. Here is a mix of direct notes and paraphrased notes from several bloggers at the conference.

The Re-urbanization of the Church

The early church did it. In Acts, 120 people changed culture for the Kingdom of God. And because of them, 32 million of the 60 million people in Roman Empire were reached three hundred years later.

But why aren’t we seeing any change today?

We have people coming to Christ (individual renewal), but we are not seeing cultural renewal.

There is a lack of clarity on how culture works. Many people pull out of culture, but culture itself is neither bad nor good. You have to tackle the systems that run the world, otherwise you create a dualism. How systems are used determines whether they are good or evil.

We must address how the world is structured – the city, and systems. We need to deconstruct the bad systems and replace them with good systems. We need to return to the city, where culture is shaped. Paul performed cultural acupuncture by impacting cities. We need to train and release people into our cities’ channels of culture.

Just being kind and loving doesn’t cut it. We don’t just reach people out of an evil system. We need to change the system.