John Jenkins on the Courage to Change

At Innovation3, John Jenkins of First Baptist Church of Glenarden (Upper Marlboro, MD) discussed having the courage to change.

Change scares people. And all leaders must face the fact that people don’t like change.

Out of all the kings of Judah, there was none like Hezekiah. God was with him. He was an agent of change. Hezekiah removed the false idols from Judah.

If we continue to do what we have always done, we will never get what we have never had. If the church doesn’t change, we are going to die.

He broke the bronze serpent that Moses had made. Long after what was intended for a brief season, people were still focusing on Moses’ bronze serpent. It took courage to remove it.

The greatest hindrance to a new move of God is the last move of God.

What are the things you are doing actually doing to address the problems you need to solve?