Invincible Kids and Their Paranoid Parents

In recent weeks, I have seen a number of articles discussing the new extremes that parents are taking to keep their kids safe at school.

In Britain, parents are buying stab-proof school uniforms by BladeRunner that are lined with kevlar. And Trutex is considering adding GPS tracking devices to school uniforms. In the United States, MJ Safety Solutions sells bulletproof backpacks.

A year ago, people were talking about creating kevlar textbook covers to use as shields during school shootings. Now students can be covered in kevlar and body armor while being constantly tracked by satellites. Life as a student is not what it used to be. And life as a parent is becoming more paranoid.

Churches can expect an increasing number of parents to be wondering, “Can I trust this children’s ministry with my kids?” What are you doing to keep kids safe at your church?

Do you background check your staff and volunteers? Do you have a system for checking kids in and out of classrooms? Are all entrances and exits monitored? Do you have surveillance cameras, security guards, or police officers? Obviously, the level of your security depends on the size of your church, but you should be doing something.

There are a lot of paranoid parents, and if they do not feel like their children are safe, they will not be able to pay attention to the sermon. Pastors must protect their flock.