How to Streamline Church Events with Online Ticketing

Christmas is just around the corner, and for most churches that means a huge influx of attendance for special events and regular services. It is a great season to reach new people in the community, but it also requires more manpower or at least better tools to handle the extra work and crowds.

It is a bummer to have to turn people away because of lack of seating. And it’s an equal disappointment to offer an additional service time for a special event only to have no one attend. In an effort to avoid both scenarios, more and more churches are turning to offering tickets for big events throughout the whole year.

ACTIVE Faith’s ServiceU offers an online ticketing service that has proven to streamline the process by reducing staff and administrative busywork.

Case Study: Phoenix First Assembly of God

Every year for over 30 years, Phoenix First Assembly of God has performed “The Celebration of Christmas”. The musical’s popularity has grown with each year.

The Challenge:
The musical is popular enough that it requires ticketing in order to (1) eliminate long lines and sold out disappointments, (2) allow friends and family to reserve seats to sit together, and (3) maximize attendance. At the same time, Phoenix First recognized that an outreach event isn’t outreach unless it has a human touch, too. Big crowds are great, but ministry works best when the message is paired with human interaction.

The Solution:
Phoenix First chose to use ACTIVE Faith’s ServiceU online ticketing service to handle their growth of 24,000 attendees over 9 performances. Here are 4 key advantages:

  • Easy Access: By distributing tickets through the box office and online, Phoenix First made it easier to get tickets, which ultimately boosted attendance. In fact, ServiceU’s online ticketing processed 70% of the tickets.
  • Better Coordination: ServiceU’s ticket management allowed Phoenix First to rapidly coordinate the performances by having early attendance forecasts and thus better plan staff and volunteer needs and determine if additional performances should be added.
  • Streamlined Process: Great software saves time and alleviates brain strain by automating things quickly, reducing box office bottlenecks, and reducing mistakes.
  • Free Up Staff to Love on People: Because ServiceU streamlined Phoenix First administratively, they were able to reduce their ticketing staff members from 4 to 1, freeing up 3 more staff to be able to interact with and love on attendees.

ACTIVE Faith’s ServiceU ticketing is a solution that can be used for something as simple as one small event or easily scaled to handle complex productions. The 100% web-based software is easy to use and provides a professional touch with a solid user interface and custom branded tickets for both free and paid events.

The software is priced per-ticket, which makes an incredibly high performance solution available to even the smallest of churches. Depending on what your church is doing this Christmas, it may be just the right thing for your church.

You can download a free case study of Phoenix First from ACTIVE Faith’s website.

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