How to be a Missional Church

In a couple of days, I will be live blogging from the sold out Verge Conference (Austin, TX). Its focus is the missional church. What does missional mean? How can you be a missional church? These and many more questions will be discussed. But before the conference begins, I want to start a conversation here with you by asking:

How do you think a church can be missional?

When I hear this question, one of my first thoughts is, “Aren’t all churches missional?” Unfortunately, I know they answer is “no.” Unquestionably, churches should be on mission to go outside their walls and preach the gospel, disciple believers, and love on people. Sometimes though, churches turn inward focused. Sometimes though, churches become shy about being missional.

I think one of the biggest steps to being a missional church is making missional a part of your DNA. It starts with the leaders. You have to live it and emphasize it with your words. Don’t ever stop. You have to protect it to guard your church from becoming apathetical and self-centered. It starts with the leaders, but it must spread to the church community. The church as a whole must live it.

But I want to know what you think… How do you think a church can be missional?

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