How Church Management Software Saves Money

Kent Shaffer —  December 3, 2013

Sometimes the best investments are difficult to start because of upfront costs. For example, good church management software (ChMS) is an incredible aid to most churches, but the initial cost causes many ministers to shy away from using it.

However, church management software can actually save you money in the long run.

Let’s consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your data. How much would it cost to gather, maintain, secure, and use your data if you didn’t use church management software?

Big Savings

The team at ACTIVE Faith, creator of Fellowship One, identified just one (of many) often overlooked ways that a ChMS can save money.

ACTIVE Faith calculated the cost of printing and mailing 2,000 contribution statements to church members. $3,320.

Instead you can make giving statements available online for members via software and use the savings for the good of God’s Kingdom.

With Fellowship One, members can easily access their contribution statements through the software at any time (not just at year end). Mid-year and year-end emails can be sent for free to notify members of their current statements. And if a few people insist on paper copies, it only takes minutes and pennies to provide those. The savings are a sizeable chunk of change.

What can $3,320 do?

  • 474 ducks as sustainable relief for families via World Vision (view)
  • 87 children sponsored from Compassion International (view)
  • 83 days of aftercare for a rescued human trafficking victim by International Justice Mission (view)
  • 9+ years of sponsoring an entire orphan club via Half a Child (view)
  • 6 iPads for mobile ministry work or children’s ministry check-ins
  • Half a water well dug by hand by charity: water (view)

Download an infographic and learn more.

 Special thank to ACTIVE Faith for supporting Church Relevance by sponsoring this post.

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