Global Church Influencer Infographic by Open Church

Open Church has put together an infographic to raise awareness for the huge race, gender, and geography gap among global Church influencers. It is a compelling visual that shows how unbalanced the global Church is by who influences it.

For example, 80% of global Church influencers are Americans, but Americans account for only 10% of the world’s Christians.

Only 1 in 20 global Church influencers are women.

3 in 4 are white. (73.5%)

Open Church Infographic of Global Church Influencers

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The infographic features 545 names of global Church influencers chosen by:

  • pastors of US churches who have made 2+ of the 18 top US churches lists,
  • pastors who have a relatively well known platform globally,
  • non-US pastors with churches of weekly attendance of 15,000+,
  • key leaders of niche church movements,
  • prominent bloggers,
  • prominent authors,
  • prominent event speakers,
  • a number of broadcast media personalities,
  • and more.

While fairly accurate, keep in mind this infographic is an imperfect list because it requires some subjective opinions rather than just scientific measuring.

The criteria of who is an “influencer” can certainly be widened. However, at this sample size increasing the number of names isn’t likely to skew the percentages but just grow the numbers.

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