Free Church Resources by Church on the Move

Kent Shaffer —  June 27, 2010

Like free church resources? Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK) is now offering free creative resources to download from their new site, Seeds.

The church resources include artwork, motion graphics, background music, promo videos, opener videos, mini-movies, drama scripts, slides, banners, worship guides, sermon series kits, and more. There’s something for kid’s ministry, student ministry, and plenty for regular worship services, too!

Best of all, the production quality is outstanding. Church on the Move has been winning ADDY Awards and producing mainstream quality content for years. Now you can have that same quality for free! Samples include:


Please Turn Off Your Phone – Slide

Free Church Resources

Communion Instructions – Slide

Free Church Resources

FREE VIDEOS (RSS readers must visit post to see videos)

Dad Life – Father’s Day Video

Why Worry – Drama Skit

Mommy Rhapsody – Mother’s Day Performance

FREE SERMON SERIES (RSS readers must visit post to see videos)

This or That – Student Ministries Sermon Series Artwork

Free Sermon Series

I Love My Bible – Kidmin Sermon Series Artwork

Free Sermon Series

To start downloading free church resources, visit

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2 responses to Free Church Resources by Church on the Move

  1. I love that you are sharing this resource with everyone. I think this is so important considering the economic situation we are in right now. I know for many churches, too many, they are facing a hard climb out of low tithes. I find this resource as a key tool many churches can take a hold of. In a time of so many cutbacks this can serve as an area to flourish and grow.

  2. I disagree with this. The scripture says my house shall be called a House of Prayer. If I want to see a movie I go to the movie theater. some churches are just copying what other churches are doing instead of seeking the Holy Spirit for what He has for each church individually. I am not judging anyone, if God told you to do this you should obey God, but not to draw a crowd or to get more people because your offering is low, the Lord will provide all your needs. God bless You if it is working and may the Lord continually to bless you.