Effective Church Content Strategies (free ebook)

Monk Development - Church Content Strategy White Paper

While good web design is important, it does not guarantee a successful website. Good web design must go hand in hand with a good content strategy.

When my wife and I ran a church web design firm, we unfortunately saw many websites quickly sour from beautiful and sophisticated to awkward and confusing. Usually a poor content strategy was to blame.

Monk Development recently interviewed dozens of ministers and church communications leaders to better understand what works, what doesn’t, and the outcome of both. They’ve generously bundled their insights into a free ebook – Church Content Strategy White Paper.

For example, the white paper highlights the story of Eagle Brook Church reducing web content by 70%. The result? They improved the user experience and made key information much easier to find.

This white paper helps teach you how to assess, prioritize, and create. First, you need to understand what is outdated and ineffective on your church website. Then plan a way forward and learn how to connect content on your website to organizational goals.


  • Does this content accomplish our goal to reach people for Christ?
  • Does this help people who are wanting to find out about our church find what they need?
  • Do we know what our call to action is?
  • Does the content on your church website have this level of clarity and purpose? If not, you’ll learn how to start the content strategy process for your church.


  • Re-engineering a sitemap based on organizational goals.
  • Building page layouts and functionality to accomplish goals.


  • Creating more effective content and establish governance procedures for moving forward.
  • Building a church website with content that creates ministry movement.

To get started improving your website, click here to download the free ebook – Church Content Strategy White Paper.

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