Dave Ramsey on Unstoppable Momentum

Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey discussed the importance of unstoppable momentum and how to get it during Catalyst Conference’s 7th session. Here is what he said:

Despite The Beverly Hillbillies not airing since 1971, many people (even born after 1971) can sing the theme song.  How would you like to have that impact? Imagine people being about to talk about what you did 39 years after you did it.

When you have momentum, you better than you are. The thing I’ve discovered about momentum is that it is very important to get some in every area of your life. Momentum is not a random occurrence. It must be created. You must pour yourself into your calling. You must pour yourself into your craft.

Learn the momentum theorem.

Momentum Theorem
Focused intensity over time multiplied by God creates unstoppable momentum.

Focus is lost for two reasons:

  1. Fear
    Fear can cause you to lose focus. Fear is not a fruit of the spirit.
  2. Greed
    You can get greedy for money, stats, fame, and/or more. James 1:8 says, “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

With focus, you can’t see anything but what you are looking at. With focus, you have an unbelievable advantage. Rick Warren says, “Focus is intentional.” You have to be proactive. You have to happen to things.

Intensity¬† matters. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.” If you are going to be an intense sports fan and take your shirt off and paint yourself blue, live your life with that same intensity. Be intense at parenting. Be intense about your calling. Intensity moves things. You’ve got to be fired up. You can’t do it with lack of focus because your intensity will be too spread out then.

Focused intensity is good, but if it only lasts for three days, it is not going to amount to anything. This is the hardest part of the equation. Og Mandino says, “If I persist long enough, I will win.” As Paul talks about – run your race well. It is a long race… over time. Don’t quit. Stay on course. Keep moving. Be the focused, intense tortoise and not the ADHD hare.

If you are quickly successful be very, very scared because you may not have the proper foundation underneath it.

But even still, you need God. When you multiply your focused intensity over time by God then God gives you the energy and ability needed to win. Get plugged in to God as your power source and your momentum will become unstoppable.

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