Dave Gibbons on Roaming Ministry

At the Global:Church Forum, Dave Gibbons of Newsong Church discussed ministry that gets out of the box and roams.

It is easy to miss something you are not looking for.
Is the Church so intentionally locked in at things we want to see that we are missing things that God wants us to see?

Don’t miss the supernatural. Maybe we took the extra out f the ordinary and we need to add super back to the natural.

In the early years of our church, we were growing quickly and began a building campaign to raise money for some land. Our campaign’s slogan was, “It’s not about the building but what happens inside.” We raised a lot of money. We were excited, but then the real estate deal fell through.

I was so disappointed, but then God said, “I thought it wasn’t about the building. What would the church look like if it wasn’t contained on a piece of land?”

Decades ago when the institutional Church wasn’t getting it, parachurch groups began forming. And now we are starting to see networks of Christians cropping up and being the Church.

The natural tendency of man is to build a Tower of Babel. But God commanded us to roam the whole earth an be fruitful and multiple and subdue it. That means you need to get out of your box and roam. If you are going to roam, you have to actually feel free. Does your way of doing ministry leave you feeling uneasy and not free.

We’re supposed to be a cloud not a box. A kingdom collaborative that rains upon the earth.

Maybe there is a principle of freedom where if you roam you can go inside and outside of the boxes. We are to multiply and fill the space.

Don’t get distracted by phones, TV, and surroundings. Learn to see people and their souls. If you don’t build relationships and see each other, then maybe your vision is just your vision.

Know a person. See a person. Affirm their destiny.
So many times our presentations of evangelism are so packaged and formulaic that it is embarrassing. It seems like a multi-level marketing scheme. Don’t just be nice to someone so that they’ll accept Christ. Simply be nice. Simply plant the seeds and let God do the rest.

You are beautiful people. You are made in the image of God. This is a special time in history where even in America you can see miracles. You don’t live for the miracles, but you need to expect them.