Dave Gibbons on Changing Culture

At Innovation3, Dave Gibbons of NewSong Church (Irvine, CA) discussed how our world has changed and is changing but how the church can adapt.

There are new rules being created. Things have changed. How do we navigate the change?

There is hope. The church can find hope in these four things:

  1. Bad news is better than no news. Bad news  defines reality. No news still leaves us in a bad economy but without an understanding of our circumstances.
  2. Scarcity brings clarity. As things are taken away, we go back to “why do we exist as a church?”
  3. Waste less. The landfills are 30% less than they used to be when we were wealthier.
  4. When darkness occurs, that is when the church can shine.

Are you adaptable?

When Jesus said love your neighbor, he was not saying love someone like you. He was telling the story of the good samaritan – someone that is not like you.

5 Contrarian Ideas to Focus on:

  1. We need to move towards fueling creativity versus just preseerving our current culture.
    When you look at your church, how much of your budget goes towards innovation? We must fuel creativity.
  2. Focus on the fringe.
    Typically, our movements have been about focusing on the masses. How can we reach the most people? Instead, focus on the marginalized. Create something different than you. People see God in you when you minister in a way that is against your personal preference.
  3. Develop holistic and sustainable approaches rather than simple, quick fixes.
    Think long term. Not 5 years but ten generations. Maybe we are thinking too micro, and we need to think macro.
  4. Think Intersections
    Place yourself at the intersection of multiple cultures that will heighten your ability to learn.
  5. Seek God and pray.
    There is no way that you can be artful unless you are connected to the Holy Spirit. Learn how to listen to God.