Church Property for Sale in Illinois and New York

Kent Shaffer —  February 10, 2009

If you need a church property, is an excellent place to find church real estate. Look for the church building you need or find vacant land for building a church. Here are the latest church properties for sale:


$895,000 :: Church and Parsonage (Oswego, IL)
8,000 square feet building size (6,000 church/2,000 parsonage)
1.6 acres lot size
180 sanctuary seating


$3,499,000 :: Farmingdale Jewish Center (Farmingdale, NY)
21,000 square feet building size
1.65 acres lot size

Also, be sure to check out to find the latest vacant land listings. Hopefully, there will be a property that is perfect for your church.

Kent Shaffer

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One response to Church Property for Sale in Illinois and New York

  1. Great resource, Kent!

    Awhile back, I think pre-Web 2.0 for sure, our church downgraded from 3 parsonages to 2. While the times were different, the church took advantage of prime real estate it owned, and was able to further its ministry in the process.

    Again, thanks for sharing!