Church Management via Fellowship One’s iPhone App

As a church grows larger, it becomes increasingly difficult to care for its congregants’ individual needs.

In Acts 6, we see the early church grow so quickly that care for the Hellenist widows slipped through the cracks. The solution was to appoint seven leaders to serve them. According to Robin Dunbar’s research, our minds aren’t wired to be able to maintain more than 150 stable social relationships. Big crowds are tough to manage.

Fortunately, today we have technology like Fellowship One’s church management system which helps churches track and maintain relationships with hundreds and even thousands of people.

However, as technology grows faster, many church management systems have struggled to keep up with the mobile needs of progressive churches.

Fortunately, Fellowship One has revamped theirĀ F1Touch iPhone app, which brings the power of their church management system to your phone so that you can be out in your community investing in relationships rather than stuck behind a desk trying to manage them.

5 Cool F1Touch Features

  1. Export database contacts to your iPhone address book.
  2. See a quick snapshot of a person’s church involvement as a volunteer and group member.
  3. Get a map and GPS directions to the address of a person in the database.
  4. Add a person’s photo to the F1 database using your iPhone camera.
  5. Keep the data safe behind a pass code lock.

It is impressive and exciting to see a church management system sync up with the day-to-day on the go lifestyle of most ministers.

Special thanks to Fellowship One for sponsoring this post.


  1. Robert says

    The app has gotten better, but it couldn’t have been much worse. Unfortunately F1 continues to be a lackluster database for higher performance churches. We have it and aren’t happy with it, but the cost to switch over to ACS or Arena is too high right now. Even under their new management the database fails to meet our needs and there are large holes in tits processes.

    Hopefully this comment will make it, because lots of folks I talk to are interested in F1 but when they get feedback from users they generally go elsewhere.

  2. says


    Yes, larger churches continue to struggle to find a solution tailored to their unique dynamics. Some of these larger churches even develop their own custom management systems in-house.

    I’ve know people who have tried all the major church systems available, and there is no perfect solution. Reality is there can’t be since each individual church acts as its own unique dynamic organism.

    As with any technology, there will always be wishlists and features we’d love to see, but I’d still rather operate a large church with a good CMS than without one. The same way that some people like Mac, some PC, and some Linux, you need to find which CMS best meets your style. And for a lot of people, that’s been Fellowship One.

  3. says

    To the above comment-er: I only think it would be helpful to post a comment like this if you have specific things that you’d like to share, likes/dislikes. We use F1 and are happy with it. We are not a mega church by any means, but it has helped us organize our information and ministry groups, get online giving started and I personally use the F1 Touch iOS app and it works well. I have yet to try some of the new functionality added with the latest update, but I definitely think the specs of the update will be a good step in the right direction..

  4. Mark says

    I’m in the process of evaluating different church mgt. systems and am looking at Arena, F1 and Logos. Really like Logos but haven’t heard any plus/minus’ on any forums. Anyone use it or familiar…would appreciate feedback.