Christmas Tacos :: MK Ministry Lesson 4 of 8

I spent part of my childhood as a missionary’s kid in Lima, Peru. They didn’t have tacos there. That surprises some. Instead, a popular meal was half a plate of rice, half a plate of mashed potatoes, and a chicken wing on top.

I never cared much for tacos. But that all changed during my first Christmas in Peru. My parents had been saving a box of Old El Paso taco shells that they secretly brought during our move to Peru. And that night, our first Christmas in Peru, we ate American tacos.

Those were the best tacos I have ever had. It took a season without American food to awaken my love for tacos. But now every Christmas, I eat tacos for dinner.

Sometimes it takes being away from something to realize just how much you love it.

In ministry, it is easy to become a workaholic. Your passion consumes you, and before you know it, ministry consumes your day. But the problem with living life with no breaks, no rest, and at full force is it will weaken your passion. The flame will flicker and, if not careful, burn out.

Sometimes the most productive thing for your ministry is to stop. Take a break. Take a vacation. And if your passion for ministry is real, then your short season without ministry will awaken an even stronger love for it.

For Discussion:
- How do you reawaken your passion for ministry?

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