Christine Caine on Living a Risky Life

Catalyst Conference Dallas

At Catalyst Dallas, Christine Caine of the A21 Campaign discussed living a risky life.

I grew up in a culture that said not to take any risks, but you cannot avoid risk. Living is risky. God created us to live a risky life. But somewhere along the way we interpreted living the blessed life with living the safe life.

God has called us to live in the time and the place that we live into to give solution to the world we live in. We live in a world that is broken, that is full of injustice, and that is full of pain.

The purpose of life is not to arrive at the coffin safely. God has called us to a radical life. Often you will find that freedom and safety are not the same thing.

Compassion is never compassion until you roll up your sleeves and cross the street. Do not confuse sympathy for compassion.

God is looking for a generation of leaders that will step out of safety and comfort.

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