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10Q with Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Christian Fellowship

Kent Shaffer —  August 23, 2007

10Q with Wayne Cordeiro

Wayne Cordeiro is the senior pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship, a large church in Hawaii with 9 campuses located in Honolulu (3), Waianae, Manoa, Hawaii Kai, Kaneohe, Kailua, and Mililani.


Year Began: 1995
Locations: 9

Services: 19 each weekend
Attendance: 14,000 (10,000 at main campus/4,000 at satellite campuses)
Staff: 80 (40 full-time/40 part-time) :: 1/175 attendees
Volunteers: 1200 each weekend :: 1/12 attendees
Primary Audience/Lifestyle Reached: 32-year-olds (median age)

New Hope Christian Fellowship does not have a permanent site. They rent a school auditorium for the main campus in Honolulu, where they have five services. The other satellite campuses use video that is produced at the Honolulu campus.


1Q = What values and beliefs unify New Hope Christian Fellowship’s staff and drive their performance?

Our core values (see Culture Shift book) and emphasis on authentic relationships that are healthy.

  1. Heart for the Lost
  2. Do Church as a Team
  3. Do everything “heart first”
  4. Gracious spirit in all our dealings
  5. Committed to training emerging leaders
  6. Undying devotion to God and His Word
  7. Build and maintain healthy relationships without pretense

2Q = What is New Hope Christian Fellowship’s chain of command from the senior pastor to the church volunteers?

Senior pastor who equips the fractal team (4 management leaders who oversee evangelism, discipleship, equipping and outreach. These leaders have their own fractals and that duplicates again and again.

3Q = For big decisions, what is New Hope Christian Fellowship’s decision making process?

The ministry ideas come from all sources.

Ministry directional changes usually come from pastor and/or staff. These are discussed in the management team, then to staff, and then to our volunteer leaders.

Financial decisions go from senior pastor to board.

4Q = How does New Hope Christian Fellowship market itself?

We use television and radio, but mostly word of mouth.

5Q = What is the most effective thing New Hope Christian Fellowship has done to reach people?

Our weekend services are very fruitful.  That is our main thing.

Secondly would be our community outreaches … service projects, etc.

Thirdly, our outreaches for evangelism.

6Q = What is your leadership style?

Not sure, but it seems to work. :)

7Q = Who has influenced you the most as a leader?

Jeremiah, David, Paul, and Moses.  Of course Jesus Himself.

On the earth?  Missionaries such as Hudson Taylor, Jonathan Goforth, David Livingstone, and Titus Coan.

Living? Hybels and a host of others.

8Q = What resources have had the biggest impact on how you do ministry?

I have read dozens and dozens of books. All have helped. I have attended dozens and dozens of conferences, but no one has done it. It is the accumulation of many.

9Q = What is the greatest ministry lesson you have learned?

Unanswerable. You don’t learn one. You learn many, and they form the cuts to keys that help you move forward.

But at the top would be to decide what is most important in life (5 or 6 things) and will still be important at death… establish these things and live toward them. These are not up for a vote. For example, my six are:

  1. A genuine and growing relationship with Christ Jesus.
  2. A genuine and healthy marriage.
  3. A family that is close and healthy, spiritually as well as emotionally.
  4. A ministry that is fruitful and healthy and one that overflows into resourcing other leaders.
  5. A body that is healthy and a soul that is able to be creative.
  6. Time to enjoy life with family and friends.

10Q = What is the best advice you have for church leaders?

Same as above.

10Q Interviews with Ministry Leaders

Kent Shaffer —  August 20, 2007

I am excited to announce a new section on Church Relevance called 10Q.

10QIt is a 10 question interview with ministry leaders from around the world. I love learning the principles that have brought success to leaders and their ministries, and I hope that these 10Q interviews will expand and challenge your thinking too as we get an insider’s perspective of numerous successful ministries.

Keep reading Church Relevance and expect to see the first interview soon.