Founded in March 2006 by Kent Shaffer, Church Relevance explores the intersection of theology and methodology – what we do vs what Christ said.


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Kent Shaffer – Founder

I live in an RV with my wife and 2 kids. It’s part of my work with Open Church – an initiative to help disciples of Jesus collaborate, learn from each other, and share resources. At the core of this collaborative ecosystem is a free, global library of digital content and tools. I also co-founded a design and marketing firm, launched and sold a few tech startups, and gave strategic counsel to groups such as LifeChurch.tv, Saddleback Church, charity: water, Leadership Network, and OneHope. My ministry roots began as a missionary’s kid in Peru and evolved into 10+ years of youth and children’s ministry at Church on the Move, LifeChurch.tv, and Frontline Church. Kent’s Social Media: Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter

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